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The Best White Noise Machine For Therapy Office

This article showcases our top picks for the Best White Noise Machine For Therapy Office. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Easysleep White Noise Machine

This product was recommended by Elisa Bender from RevenueGeeks

The white noise machine by Easysleep is the perfect device for therapy offices. It comes with thirty-two levels of play and five timers that will help mask the disruptive noise around the office. This machine has 25 unique sleep sounds that help during therapy sessions. Additionally, it has a memory function that restores your volume settings so you do not have to worry about them again and again. It also has a compact design, meaning it can fit anywhere. You don’t have to find a designated place for it in the office.

LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

This product was recommended by Kristi Smith from Honest Brand Reviews

The LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine is a superb buy because it comes with twenty different sounds. This way, you have many options to choose from. Moreover, the white noise machine works perfectly fine for almost two years. It cancels out all the background noise so that your office becomes a calmer space. The best part is that it has a volume controller, so you can set a volume that suits you best.

Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine

This product was recommended by Aviad Faruz from Faruzo

Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sound Machine is the best option for a therapy office. The great thing about this sound machine is that it uses real sound recordings. Most other machines have artificially created sounds. These real sounds are much more accurate to nature sounds, so they work best to calm people. It’s a little on the high-end, but it is feature-rich. This makes the investment totally worth it.

Homedics SoundSpa Traveler White Noise Sound Machine

This product was recommended by Donnie Rand from American Association of Owner Operators, LLC

If you’re looking for a white noise machine to limit noise, choose the Homedics SoundSpa Traveler. This incredible machine has six sound options and allows users to adjust the settings according to their preferences. It is ideal for a therapy office because it is compact and lightweight. The battery for this device can last up to 12 hours, making it perfect for use during office hours. There is also the option to set time intervals. The background noises of ceiling fans and traffic can make it difficult for people to focus on work. This machine helps resolve the issue.

Housbay White Noise Machine

This product was recommended by Jessica Shee from iBoysoft

The Housebay White Noise Machine is my favorite. It comes with a total of 31 different sounds, including nature, the ocean, rain, and a heartbeat. The device has a high-quality 5W stereo speaker that can mask unwanted sounds. Its sleep interval option is great and friendly. You can set a 30- to 60-minute sleep timer. Each internal session lasts 30 minutes. This device is ideal to carry along and place on your nightstand. Its lightweight wood grain finish looks classy. It’s excellent for office workers and the elderly who are sleep deprived. You can get this useful white noise machine from Amazon for $26.

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

This product was recommended by April Montano from Elite Restoration Group

This machine is a great choice for a therapy office, as it produces a consistent sound of rushing air, designed to mimic the sound of a fan without the noise associated with actual fan motors. It generates relaxing sound that can be adjusted for volume, allowing for complete personalization of your office atmosphere. Additionally, its sleek and timeless design allows it to fit nicely into any office decor.

Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

This product was recommended by Ludovic Chung-Sao from Zen Soundproof

The one thing I particularly appreciate is that it has brown noise. Brown noise has lower tones which I feel is more soothing and less distracting. For insulating my office from outside noise, I found the location of the noise machine to be critical. I always place it closer to the noise source and away from me and my interlocutors. For instance, I put it closer to my door instead of in the middle of the office. Otherwise, I don’t clearly hear my clients or colleagues in the same room, defeating the purpose of the machine. Overall, the Big Red Rooster white noise machine ticks all the basics a white noise machine should offer: a timer, ambient noise, and volume control (it can be set very loud). While it has no unique features, it does all the basics exceptionally well.

Evo White-Noise Sound Machine

This product was recommended by Kyle Leman from Crossroads Foundation Repair

I would like to see the Evo White-Noise Sound Machine featured in your article, as its electronically generated sounds, which vary from pink to white noise, offer better protection against external noise pollution than its competitors in the market, which often come out sounding like the hums of a fan.

Yogasleep Dohm Classic (Pink) The Original White Noise Machine

This product was recommended by Stephanie Gold from Gold Psychology

This white noise machine is the best one I have ever used for my therapy offices. It has 2 settings so you can choose the volume (I usually choose the louder setting). The noise is very pleasant. It also has a polished look and is nicer looking than other sound machines I have used in the past. I use it for my regular office, and during the pandemic I bought an additional one for my home office.

SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine

This product was recommended by Lauren Cook-McKay from Divorce Answers

SNOOZ smart white noise machine has been my companion in my therapy office, helping me strengthen the privacy of my sessions with my clients. While the next clients wait for their turn outside my office, this device helps keep the conversations inside unrecognizable outside. What I like about SNOOZ is that it has a companion app, so you can control it on your mobile phone remotely. You can set the schedule and a timer, adjust the volume, and calibrate the tone to suit the users. It has a real fan for non-looping white noise, minus the unwanted cold air, especially during the winter. You can also choose from other options, such as busy hotel rooms, loud neighbors, city street noise, and office privacy. It has a natural sound spectrum and is quite energy-saving.

Sound+Sleep SE Special Edition High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine

This product was recommended by Shara Posner from Back To Health

While there are cheaper options, because I am using this in my business, I value the range of options that the SE Special Edition offers. My clients each have their own taste and this white noise machine helps me to choose something perfectly relaxing for each client. You can choose between white noise, pink noise, brown noise and nature sounds, guaranteeing a soothing atmosphere that also masks any outside noises. This is a serious white noise machine, and it’s never let me down.

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