How to Get Started Playing Online Poker: Tips and Tricks

Even if you have played poker at a live table, playing online poke can be a very different experience. If you have never played online poker, you might feel like the format and your lack of experience are reasons not to ever try it. Thankfully, you don’t need to jump in without some help and preparation! Read this article of tips and tricks and you will be ready to play online poker like a pro!

Tips and Tricks to Get Started Playing Online Poker

  1. Play a Single Table: While the experts often play many tables at once, as a player starting out, its best to play a single table and get comfortable first.  Make sure you are winning comfortably and consistently on a single table before you add complexity with multiple tables. When you do start adding tables, only add one at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  2. Play Low-Stakes Poker First: Even if you are used to playing high stakes at an in-person table, online poker is not the exact same as a live game.  Start out playing low-stakes and learn the ropes. Get comfortable and make sure that you are winning consistently in low stakes games before you move on to anything higher stakes.
  3. Learn The Ropes Online: Online poker uses some features that many users need to get comfortable with at first. One of these features is the time-bank. Each player in an online game has a set amount of time to take each turn.  This is often not as large a block of time as live games and can be a big adjustment for some new players. New players will also need to get used to the lobby of their chosen site and all the betting features and choices on the site. Cashier pages can also vary per site and bonuses and rake backs can be variable. Making sure that you know how the site and its features works can save you lots of time and frustration in the long run.
  4. Value Bet: Do not get too excited and bluff until you are ready.  Online betting isn’t the same as betting and bluffing against players that are looking right at you across the table. It’s often better to let the cards do the work for you, especially in the beginning. With this in mind, be sure that you are maximizing value with your bets. If you are playing at the lower end of the spectrum, you will get more for each bet.  Get used to the rhythm of betting on the site and betting and you will learn when people tend to call and when they tend to fold. After some hands, you will figure out when to throw more money down on a bet and when to hold back.
  5. You Don’t Have to Play “Balanced”: The balanced style of play only really matters in high-level stakes games. The nice part about getting started in online poker is that, at the lower levels, the pool of players is very large and you will likely not play against the same person twice.  Your opponents will not have enough chances playing against you to learn your style and know how to bluff effectively against you. 

Now that you have some tools to work with and a good grounding in some basic skills for online poker, you are ready to join some games and start having fun!  Follow these tips and tricks and you will land on your feet and learn to love playing online poker!

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