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How to Buy Top-Rated Cars for Less Money

When it comes to buying a car choosing a make and model that will be durable and affordable can be challenging to say the least. Often, a car that tops the traditional review lists is high-end luxury vehicles that come with an intimidating price point as well. Luckily, you don’t have to settle when you buy your dream vehicle from a reliable dealership. In this article, I will be focusing on the three best-used vehicles to buy this year in Oman.

1: Toyota Cars for Sale in Oman

If you have been considering a car, Toyota has probably been high on your list. These well-built, durable, and attractive cars are known to last forever and outpace their higher-priced competitors easily.

For 2020, Toyota Cars for Sale in Oman are high in demand so consider choosing a trusted dealer so you drive away with your dream Toyota and not a dud.

  1. Toyota Prado – Perfect for Oman terrain and heat, this stylish SUV has got everything you could want. Buy one that’s only a few years old and you can drive away in this great car for less than $30k.
  2. Toyota Yaris – sleek, economic and eco-efficient this sporty car is very affordable and has great ratings
  3. Toyota Corolla – forget the old idea of a Corolla, a 2016 Corolla is sleek and comes with all the top features – with a price you can’t beat

Choosing a Toyota is always a good option specifically for resell later on down the road. These cars are the best for the cost to quality ratio.

2: Luxury Cars for Sale

If you think BMW’s, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Lexus are not realistic, think again. These cars are more affordable and come packed with all the best features. Let’s take a look at the BMW. Starting at only nine thousand Omani rials, the M135i is a showstopper. This hatchback offers amazing control and safety with paddle shifters, sensors, an anti-glare rearview mirror, and more.

Jaguar XE’s, Lexus sports cars, and SUVS can all be picked up with reliable dealers that offer great resell value as well. Consider what you will be using your vehicle for most. If you need an easy car for business travel to and from the office and around the town, a sleek sedan would make a great fit.

For all-terrain, cross-country travel that requires cargo space consider a nice-sized SUV. The Lexus GX460, for example, is a great vehicle for safety and long-distance.

3: Budget Cars that Impress

You do not have to give up luxury and reliability for cost. If you have a strict budget but still need a great car, Hyundai may be your answer. These South Korean made vehicles have been consistently top-rated for safety, durability, endurance, and looks for years. Here are some quick stats:

  • Over 95% reliability survey
  • Low repair costs
  • Competes with Toyota on long-lasting vehicles

If you are ready to buy your vehicle today, contact a reliable dealer and ask to test drive a few of their cars. Don’t forget to do your research so you know what to look for and ask about the buyback program for maximum benefits.

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Written by Ester K, sales and Public Relations (PR nerd), obsessed with research, sleeping in as much as possible, and listening to podcasts. When I am not at home with my fam I enjoy long walks through the beautiful city of Jerusalem.

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