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From Planning to Decor — How to Redeocorate Your Hobby Room on a Budget

It’s important to allocate 20% of your time for interesting hobbies every day, according to Dorie Clark, author of the book The Long Game. For those who enjoy reading and writing and have a whole room dedicated to their hobby, decorating and accessorizing the room can go a long way in creating a stress-free sanctuary. However, when seeking to redecorate altogether, doing so in a cost-effective manner can seem nearly impossible. From the value in planning ahead with the help of a vision board to how you can go about getting furniture on a budget, here are three smart tips for creating the perfect reading or writing space — without breaking the bank.

Starting with a vision in mind

When planning to decorate your reading or writing space, planning ahead can be a great way to save money in the long run. By deciding on an aesthetic or theme beforehand, you’ll not only gain a sense of direction by knowing exactly what you want to do to the room, but you’ll avoid making purchases that don’t wind up matching your ultimate vision (and can create the opportunity to use what you might already have on hand). One way to plan ahead is by making a mood board, which can then be turned into a checklist for shopping later on. Whether it be determining a new color scheme, theme, or overall aesthetic, a mood board can be especially helpful in figuring out the creative aspects of the redecorating process. notes that creating a mood board can be done by first gathering inspiration online from platforms like Pinterest, and using a free digital mood board template to create your vision. Creating a physical mood board is another option, and can allow you to attach pictures, clippings, and notes (such as measurements of the room, etc.) to allow further planning.

Making simple changes can go far

For those looking to completely change the look of their hobby room without spending a whole lot of money, making simple changes can go a long way in achieving the look you’re after. For example, if you’re looking to create a more relaxing atmosphere, adding a few throw pillows, blankets or a few houseplants can do just that — especially when considering the many benefits of having indoor plants around. For example, Healthline notes that indoor plants may help reduce stress levels, may boost your productivity, and can be therapeutic, making them ideal for creating the perfect space to unwind and read or write. Other small accessories, such as the addition of candles or a lamp for late night reading/writing can also do a lot in terms of transforming the room’s aesthetic.

For those who want to implement a specific theme in their hobby room, framing posters, pictures, or art prints that you already have is a great way to showcase your interests on a budget, whether it be of your favorite movie, book series, or other inspiration. For A2 sized pictures, posters, or prints, finding the right sized frame is essential in creating a professional and sleek look. With a variety of colors to choose from — including the classics such as black, gold, white, and silver — you’ll be able to pick the perfect one to complete the look you’re after.

Finding major upgrades in cost-effective ways

When it comes to redecorating your reading or writing room in more impactful ways — such as by getting a new desk or a more comfortable reading chair, doing so doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. In fact, finding perfect pieces of furniture can be done easily by visiting secondhand or thrift stores. While this might sound off putting to some, cleaning the furniture can be done rather easily and leave it looking (and smelling) surprisingly well. The Spruce notes that cleaning and disinfecting a used couch can be done easily, and details a step-by-step process that involves vacuuming, disinfecting, bug spray, and removing odors and stains. And, if you happen to find a piece of second hand furniture such as a bookshelf, making it over into something that matches your room can be done through a simple coat of paint or wood stain.

Redecorating the space where you do the bulk of your reading or writing might seem like a daunting process when on a budget, though can be achieved in various different ways. By starting with a vision board, focusing on smaller details that can go a long way, and making major upgrades in cost-effective ways, you can pull together the look you’re after even when on a budget.

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Written by Leigh Ann Newman

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