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ADA compliance for websites means ensuring that your site is accessible to people with disabilities. This includes making sure that your site can be navigated using assistive technologies like screen readers, and that any forms or other interactive elements can be used by people with limited dexterity.

ADA compliance is the process of making sure your website meets all the requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can achieve this with ADA tools or plugins. When you are using a WordPress plugin for ADA compliance, it helps to make your site easier to use for people with disabilities. There are many recommended plugins for ADA compliance, here’s what the experts have to say:

WP ADA Compliance [Suite]

This plugin does two things. First, it analyzes your website for ADA compliance issues. Second, it uses widgets and automatic corrections to resolve these issues. This makes it easy for me to stay compliant across my 3 business websites. Even better, you can set the plugin to run automatically in intervals, helping you stay compliant over time.

You need the paid version if you have a big website; only 15 pages will be analyzed for free. Support is outstanding and new features are added frequently and highly recommended.

Pros – highly accurate in diagnosing problems, fast, automatically fixes issues.

Cons – paid version is necessary, a rich feature set can be hard to navigate at first.

Recommended by Cornelius Fichtner From OSP International LLC

Accessibility Suite by Online ADA

In my opinion, this plugin comes in a close second and not only performs an audit of your website but also creates a color-blind report by analyzing the color contrast. The audit takes mere minutes to complete and reports any ADA and 508 compliance issues across your entire website.

This plugin has an excellent layout and provides a quick score for 508 compliance, WCAG Levels A and AA, contrast, and best practices. The contrast checker is a little off, but the compliance checker is great for using a checklist to mark off issues as they are resolved. Unfortunately, only your homepage is scanned by the free plugin.

However, it will give you a good idea, as any problems on the homepage will likely exist throughout the site. This plugin stores all audits for future reference and allows you to schedule audits at predetermined intervals. I’m impressed with how they’ve separated the WCAG 2.1 principles and even created videos to help explain the ADA compliance testing guidelines.

Recommended by Tanner Arnold From Revelation Machinery

UserWay Web Accessibility

As a WordPress plugin, I would best endorse UserWay. UserWay is also a widely used WordPress accessibility plugin that does not need the reworking of current website code. In addition to this developer-friendly functionality, the plugin’s basic widget is free.

The basic widget provides light, accessible designs with up to 28 attributes. As a result, although the free option is adequate for a trial, it may not be sufficient for a full-fledged commercial website. The accessibility capabilities of UserWay also improve website compliance with ATAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and the ADA. However, if you are on the free plan, you will only meet 20% of the criteria.

This accessibility plugin uses AI tech to scan your WordPress site for accessibility concerns and make valuable advice. Probably one of UserWay’s biggest advantages is that it allows people to explore your website without using a mouse.

UserWay employs artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like contextual understanding, OCR, and picture recognition to solve the complicated needs for screen reader and keyboard navigation changes.

Prior to the availability of ADA compliance widgets like UserWay, these could only be accomplished manually, through lengthy, difficult, and costly initiatives. After the first remediation, the AI automatically rescans a website every 24 hours to guarantee that all content additions and alterations made to a website are also accessible and compliant.

Recommended by Grant Lukin From Nimble Australia

WP Accessibility Helper

Commonly known as WAH, this free WordPress plugin features a robust toolbar, a rapid alt text editor, and a beta WCAG scanner, in my opinion.

It also automatically fixes a multitude of site accessibility issues and allows you to add a customizable Skip-links menu! The toolbar is customizable and allows you to display the features you want. Also, there are numerous options for customizing the toolbar’s functionality and appearance.

In addition, they have a scanner that examines selected pages for problems with graphics and links, indicating where in the HTML code the problem is located. I’m also a huge admirer of their alt text editor, which enables you to rapidly view the images on your website and add any necessary tags.

Recommended by Dustin Porreca From Elevate Demand

WP Accessibility by Joe Dolson

Even though it’s a completely free plugin, it’s feature-rich and automatically applies many of the necessary fixes required for ADA compliance. Unlike many other similar plugins, it’s not bloated with technical jargon making it easier for an average person to figure it out.

Con: Being a free plugin, the support isn’t always the quickest.

Recommended by Tony Vangelburg From RayPCB

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