Elevating Network Security: A Deep Dive into Network Visibility Solutions

How Modern Network Visibility Solutions Address Contemporary Security Challenges in the Digital Sphere

Key Takeaways:

  • The rise of digital communication and cybercrime necessitate enhanced network visibility.
  • Network visibility provides a comprehensive overview of the performance, traffic, big data analytics, applications, and managed resources within a network.
  • Network visibility solutions aid in identifying network blind spots, potential security breaches, and performance bottlenecks.
  • The expansion of cloud computing and mobile traffic pose challenges to traditional network visibility approaches.
  • Advanced network visibility solutions such as SolarWinds® N-central® provide scalable, comprehensive, and efficient network visibility, capable of overcoming the challenges posed by modern digital environments.

Navigating the Complexities of Modern Network Security

As our reliance on digital communication continues to grow, the importance of network security becomes increasingly critical. Estimates predict that by 2021, damage related to cybercrime will reach a staggering $6 trillion annually. Businesses are becoming more aware of their network blind spots, with approximately two-thirds citing these as one of the most significant challenges in their data protection efforts. In this context, it becomes clear why network visibility solutions are essential, particularly for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) responsible for safeguarding customer data.

The Power of Network Visibility

In its most straightforward form, network visibility refers to the awareness and understanding of all components within your network. This includes monitoring performance, traffic, big data analytics, applications, and managed resources. The scope of visibility can be extensive, with different monitoring solutions offering a wide array of capabilities.

With a network visibility solution in place, MSPs can significantly enhance security measures for their customers. Better visibility leads to improved analytics, empowering MSPs to make informed decisions about the data protection strategies they implement.

Overcoming Network Visibility Challenges

Modern digital environments, including the proliferation of cloud computing and mobile traffic, pose several challenges to network visibility. Traditionally, monitoring traffic was simpler and could be done via MPLS links. However, the combination of internet-based VPNs, cloud services, MPLS, and mobile users in today’s Wide Area Networks (WANs) means traditional monitoring tools can often fall short, unable to provide full visibility across the WAN due to the sheer number of components to address.

Traditional network visibility tools were heavily reliant on a combination of management systems and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. The introduction of mobile and cloud technologies has significantly hindered these tools’ ability to provide full visibility. Endpoint sensors, for example, are incompatible with many mobile devices. Gaining visibility into traffic moving between cloud data centers can also pose difficulties at the application level due to differing security policies and protocols.

Choosing the Right Network Visibility Solutions for MSPs

In contrast to many traditional tools, several network visibility solutions have risen to the challenge posed by the evolving digital landscape. An excellent example is SolarWinds® N-central®, an IT solution specifically designed for MSPs. This solution offers a highly advanced approach to visibility and includes a range of features that mitigate the challenges faced by MSPs.

N-central’s network topology mapping capabilities provide complete visibility by automatically detecting new devices and offering scheduled scanning. Furthermore, the solution enables you to control, manage, and customize your network through a centralized interface. With a strong emphasis on scalability, N-central is capable of managing networks with tens of thousands of devices, equipping IT service providers with the tools they need to fortify security and maximize efficiency.

One standout feature of N-central is its NetPath™ tool. Unlike many traditional monitoring tools, NetPath is both cloud and mobile compatible. It gives complete, unhindered visibility, providing information on the path a packet takes before reaching its destination. This capability helps identify whether issues are caused by slowdowns on a cloud service or if they’re related to a problem in your own environment.

In conclusion, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses and MSPs need to adapt by leveraging modern network visibility solutions. Doing so will ensure a comprehensive, efficient, and proactive approach to securing their networks and protecting valuable data.

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