Canon vs. Brother Laser Printers: A Comprehensive Showdown

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Two Heavyweights in the Printing Industry

Key Takeaways:

  • Industry Leaders: Canon and Brother are renowned names in the laser printing domain.
  • Legacy and Ambition: Canon has an extensive history and aims to lead global office and home printing solutions.
  • Product Diversity: While Canon offers a vast array of products catering to diverse needs, Brother targets primarily small businesses and home offices.
  • Reliability Concerns: Brother laser printers can sometimes be pricier to repair than their initial cost.
  • Accolades: Canon has consistently won more industry awards, showcasing its commitment to quality and innovation.

Diving Deep: Canon and Brother at a Glance

In the laser printing arena, few names have the recognition and respect that Canon and Brother command. Each brings a unique set of attributes, challenges, and promises to the table. As we venture into this deep analysis, it becomes evident that while both are significant players, their target demographics and value propositions differ considerably.

The Manufacturers Behind the Machines

Before investing in a printer, understanding the brand’s ethos and legacy is crucial. After all, you’re not just buying a machine but also the brand’s promise of reliability, innovation, and support.

Canon: A legacy brand with a deep-rooted history in technology and innovation, Canon has consistently aimed to revolutionize the printing industry. With an expansive global sales and service network, they aspire to dominate both office and home printing solutions. Moreover, Canon’s ambitions don’t stop there. They are keen on expanding their foothold in commercial printing, backed by their vast product range.

Brother: Brother’s laser printers, usually more compact and affordable, target a different segment of the market. However, some users have raised concerns regarding the long-term cost-effectiveness of these printers. Issues like expensive repairs and a seemingly shorter lifespan of replaceable parts like the drum can sometimes overshadow the initial cost benefits.

Product Spectrum: Versatility vs. Niche Focus

While both brands cater to a broad audience, their approach to product offerings varies.

Canon: Canon’s product range is impressive. From A3 to A4 laser printers, production print machines, and even large format printers, they cater to both global organizations and small teams. Recognizing the changing work environment, Canon also launched four new desktop printers in 2023, which aim to seamlessly integrate remote, hybrid, and traditional office setups.

Brother: Brother laser printers primarily cater to the small business or home office segment. While this focus allows them to tailor products for this niche effectively, it might limit their appeal to larger organizations or those looking for more advanced features.

Trophies and Recognition: The Award Cabinet

Industry awards serve as a testament to a brand’s commitment to excellence. While both Canon and Brother have had their share of accolades, the scales tip in favor of one.

Canon: The sheer volume of awards Canon has received is noteworthy. Some remarkable recognitions include the BLI 2022 A3 Line of the Year award, BLI 2021 A4 Line of the Year award, and the coveted 2022-2024 Special BLI Most Reliable A3 Brand award from Keypoint Intelligence. Canon’s consistency is further highlighted by their five wins out of the last seven BLI Product Line of the Year awards.

Brother: Brother, while not without its accolades, hasn’t secured as many significant industry awards as Canon. Their occasional wins, like the Buyers Lab (BLI) pick awards, do highlight quality products within their range but might not reflect the same breadth of excellence as Canon.


Choosing between Canon and Brother boils down to understanding your specific needs. If you prioritize a vast range of products, consistent industry recognition, and a legacy of innovation, Canon stands out. However, if your focus is on compact solutions tailored for smaller setups with a generally lower initial cost, Brother might be the way to go.

Remember, investing in a printer is a long-term commitment. Ensure you align your choice with both your current needs and potential future requirements to get the most out of your purchase.

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