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Common Causes of Premature Skin Aging

If you spend so much time under the scorching heat of the sun, you will not only feel hot, but you will also accelerate your skin’s aging process. Sun damage is one of the primordial causes of wrinkles.

Skin discoloration and age spots can, in fact, be further exacerbated by the harmful UV rays of the sun. Before you immediately jump into using your anti-aging skin care products, you need to understand that if your skin has been exposed for more than twenty minutes in the sun, it will no longer absorb Vitamin D. Instead, the supposed benefits will now be counteracted by the UV ray damages inflicted on the skin.

Why do some look older than their actual age?

Though aging is a natural process, many women prefer to look younger than their real age. This is no easy feat to accomplish, though. Numerous factors determine whether or not one will age gracefully. In the same vein, countless factors will decide whether or not one will age faster than their biological age.

Many people look older than their real age because they engage in such behaviors that accelerate their aging. Also, most people do not actively exercise. Hence, their body quickly turns older, too. As they say, knowledge is power, so to effectively fight the aging process, you need to be proactive in maintaining a younger and healthier mind. Through this, you can also keep a more youthful and healthier body.

Your attitude contributes to premature aging.

If there is one thing that passively hastens the aging process, it is your mind. If you fill your mind with negative and stressful thoughts, you also accelerate your aging process. A study from the University of Otago says that beyond clinical indications, one’s aging process is mostly influenced by his perceptions. This study was concluded claiming that people who aged faster were also less physically able, looked older, and also suffered worse health conditions.

Since the mind plays a huge role in one’s aging process, changing one’s perspective can decelerate the entire process of getting older. Happier people also look younger. So, the more optimistic you become, the younger your face will look.

If you change your disposition while also using anti aging skin care products, your results will be even more phenomenal. Distress and perpetual anger can cause permanent deep wrinkles and fine lines to form on your face. And when your face regularly expresses angry or chronic sad emotions, by muscle memory, your scowling can develop into wrinkles.

Drinking and smoking

It is common knowledge that excessive drinking and smoking is never good for the body. These cause all kinds of health conditions and deplete your body of the essential nutrients. Aside from these, the discoloration and lines of a drinker and smoker are shown all over his face. One’s skin needs a certain amount of oxygen, elastin, collagen, and hydration to look healthy and youthful.

Smokers and drinkers develop fine lines around their mouths and more pronounced forehead wrinkles. They are also more prone to developing bad teeth. Since their body and facial skin are deprived of oxygen, it will quickly look dull and unhealthy over time.

The best way to counter aging is to start internal changes. If you give up on your vices and develop an even happier disposition, the effects of your beauty regimen will be more visible.

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