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Top Natural Tips for More Nourished Skin

Many of us spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on expensive beauty products, and we invest many hours researching the latest trends and developments in skincare that might help us to get the beautiful, fresh-looking skin we’re after.

However, there’s more to glowing dermis than just slathering it with new products. You can significantly impact the quality of your skin if you consider some natural strategies that affect the skin, often from the inside out. Here are some tips you can follow in 2022 to get more nourished, healthy, happy skin without having to spend a fortune.

Get the Right Nutrients

Clear, radiant skin needs the proper nutrients flowing through the body. To get the skin you want, eat a balanced and varied diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables, good fats, low-GI carbohydrates, and quality proteins. You also want to eat things full of antioxidants, such as berries, to lower your risk of pigmentation, sunspots, wrinkles, and the like.

Antioxidants help protect your skin from UV radiation, too, which in turn prevents cell damage, reduces inflammation and redness, and allows the skin to have better density and elasticity. Consume foods with vitamin C and collagen in them as well, since these elements are also crucial for good skin health and the right kind of glow and plumpness you’re sure to be after.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is another essential step to take. Drinking enough water helps clear toxins from your body, reducing inflammation and blemishes. Water makes the skin look fuller and lowers your risk of premature aging, and it helps to transport oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin cells.

In addition to water, it pays to up your intake of herbal teas since they contain antioxidants and many other handy vitamins, minerals, and other compounds. For example, calendula and Damiana leaf teas boast lots of vitamins C, A, and E, promoting healthy and resilient skin, increased collagen production, skin maintenance and repair, relief from acne, flakiness, and more fighting free radicals, among other things.

Sleep More and Better

We hear the term “beauty sleep” all the time but often don’t pay enough attention to the importance of proper rest that the phrase refers to. We all need adequate sleep each night (around seven to eight hours minimum is the recommendation) to not only feel good but look our best.

The cellular renewal processes in the body work at night when we’re asleep, so if we don’t get enough shut-eye, they can’t turn over and replenish as needed. Plus, adequate circulation is crucial for healthy-looking skin, and getting enough sleep is one part of having good circulation. If you don’t rest up, you could soon find yourself looking rather pale and washed out, with dull skin.

If sleep is a problem for you, look for ways to get more quality rest each week. Ensure you have a bedroom with blackout blinds and ban screens from your room as the light emitted from them can signal the brain to wake up when you’re trying to sleep. Avoid caffeine, big meals, alcohol, and exercise close to your bedtime, too, plus make use of products such as CBD and melatonin tablets from online shops specializing in CBD goods or valerian root supplements from your local drug store.

Don’t Overdo It on Sun Exposure

Another tip is to avoid getting too much sun exposure since doing so can lead to skin damage that puts you at a higher risk of cancer and leads to pigmentation, spots, wrinkles, etc. It’s a whole lot easier and safer to prevent skin damage than to try to treat it, after all. Wear sunscreen daily, especially when you know you’ll be outside for multiple hours at a time. Also a must are sunglasses, which protect the sensitive, thin, under-eye skin on your face, and a broad-brimmed hat. Cover up with long sleeves or other clothing to protect yourself as needed, too.

A person wearing a hat

Description automatically generated with medium confidence Some other ways for you to enjoy more nourished skin naturally include looking after your gut health, keeping makeup tools clean so as not to transfer bacteria to your skin, and reducing your stress levels.

Get enough movement into your day to promote circulation and oxygenation to the cells, too, and stay away from cigarettes. Every step you take to be proactive regarding your skin will pay off in looking and feeling better long-term.

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