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5 Tips to Help You Plan Future Cheap Disney Vacations

During 2019, Walt Disney World raked in a staggering $11.2 billion for the Walt Disney Company, making it the world’s busiest and most lucrative theme park.

You don’t make that kind of money by selling cheap entry tickets. So, if you’d like to join the masses that make the most of Disney vacations every year, you need some help learning how to save money on a Disney vacation.

Check out these awesome ideas for cheap Disney vacations, so we can all enjoy a little magic in our lives.

1. Cheap Disney Vacations Start Here

One of the first places you can save when planning a trip to Walt Disney World is on your accommodation.

There are 25 Disney hotels to choose from and they’re all rated by price, so it’s easy to choose one that fits your budget at a glance.

If that’s still out of your league, you could always stay at one of the nearby resorts in Orlando, or book a Disney Vacation Club rental. If you opt for the latter, you’ll get to stay in one of Disney Vacation Club’s immaculate timeshare rooms and enjoy a host of extra perks too.

These resorts offer the convenience of self-catering, free parking, and onsite laundry services, which can save you money during an extended stay.

2. Sourcing Cheap Tickets

While you’ll find plenty of opportunities to save on your accommodation, finding cheap tickets is a little trickier. Disney tickets are around $100 per person at the moment, so you’re in for a large expense if you’re paying for your whole family.

You can save on your Disney tickets though. It’s all about knowing when to plan a Disney vacation, so you can get the cheapest ticket prices.

Disney tickets work on a dynamic pricing system, so tickets for less popular times are cheaper. Based on this, you can save as follows:

Avoid the Holidays and Weekends

The holiday season’s always the most expensive time to go on vacation regardless of where you’re going. Avoid visiting Disney any time from late November to early January unless you can afford to pay top prices.

The park is busier at these times too, so the queues are long, and the attractions are all packed to capacity. If you’d like to enjoy a little more social distancing and shorter wait times, always visit the park outside of these times.

Likewise, weekend tickets are more expensive, and more people visit during their free time. So, rather plan your visit from Monday to Thursday if you want to save on tickets.

Buy an Annual Pass

Do you love Disney, live in Florida, and plan to visit numerous times this year? Buy an annual pass that entitles you to pop in several times during its validity.

Some of the most popular ones include the Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus, as well as the One Park Per Day, Sports, and Water Park Options.

As a Florida resident, you also get discounted tickets all year round.

3. Focus on Free Stuff You Can Do at Disney

There’s so much to do at Disney resorts that you’ll never get around to it all. So, the key to planning an affordable Disney vacation is to take advantage of the free activities first.

If you’re staying at one of the Disney Resort Hotels, you’ll find plenty of freebies to enjoy. You’ll get free transport to any of the nearby theme parks, the use of brilliant sparkling swimming pools, and access to some of the other resort’s facilities too.

Even if you’re not staying, you can still enjoy wandering among the themed spaces, eating, and shopping at these resorts. You can even rent a bike or a boat and enjoy a spa treatment if you’re not a guest.

In the evenings, many of these resorts come alive with free live entertainment too.

Some of the other free activities you’ll find on the outskirts of the park include:

  • View the animals at Animal Kingdom
  • Admire the horses at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch
  • Build and race Lego cars at the LEGO store
  • A view of the fireworks
  • Campfire Sing-a-Longs
  • Free movies

Inside the theme parks, you can save on refreshments by buying a refillable souvenir mug. This entitles you to free soft drinks for one day, two days, three days, or more.

4. Get a Dining Plan

All the delicious food and snacks up for grabs at Disney World can really eat into your budget. If you want to make sure you keep temptation under control, buy a meal plan for your stay.

Disney offers four different meal plans, namely the:

  • Quick-Service Dining Plan
  • Dining Plan
  • Dining Plan Plus
  • Dining Plan Deluxe

Each of these provides you with several tickets that you can exchange for meals during your visit. Depending on the plan you choose, you could enjoy two or three quick-serve or table-serve meals per day, plus snacks and drinks.

It’s a great way to keep your family well-fed and avoid buying expensive fast-food on the run.

5. Go for a Package Deal

No matter where you travel in the world, package deals always offer great value for your money, and Disney Resorts are no exception.

One of the best Disney vacation tips is to book one of these all-inclusive deals where you pay in advance for accommodation, a dining plan, and tickets – all at a discounted rate.

You can take advantage of these savings either by booking directly on the Disney website or via an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

Another way to save on packages is by booking one with a Disney partner hotel. These nearby hotels offer free shuttles and free breakfast to help you enjoy a cheaper stay.

Get More Great Travel Tips

No trip to Florida’s complete without visiting one of the world’s greatest attractions, and now you can afford it too.

Did you enjoy this advice on how to get cheap Disney vacations the next time you’re planning a trip? Keep browsing our blog for more great tips provided by our readers.

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