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6 Tasteful Tips To Make Your Coffee Better At Home

Does your morning coffee taste a bit different today? Did it lack the delicious taste it usually has? Or maybe you tried a new brewing method, and the flavor wasn’t even a close match to the one your local barista brewed for you.

If this is the case, try looking at your brewing method. Maybe you missed a step or did something wrong? You will be surprised knowing that making a delicious coffee at home is simple if you know where you went wrong.

So, if you are looking to perfect your morning coffee here are few tips. Try them out to make your morning cup of happiness just the way you like it.

1. Make sure your coffee is of high quality

The coffee capsule or beans you are using impacts the taste of your coffee extremely. Every bean or capsule, you buy is different as they are an agricultural product, so the flavor and variety will differ.

If you crave good coffee, you need to start by choosing good beans, such as gourmet Kona coffee beans from Lava Lei Coffee. So, never opt for low-quality coffee as it will never taste better. If you use coffee beans, get it whole and grind as per the need. Also, ensure that you buy it from a roaster instead of buying it from a supermarket shelf.

If you use pods/capsule coffee, look for their intensity level, production method, and the material of the pod.

2. Using a scale to measure your coffee is imperative

If you use one tablespoon of coffee in water to set a ratio for all coffee brands, the brew will never taste right. Every coffee is different in its composition, taste, roast, and more. Thus, it is necessary to measure the quantity with the help of a scale.

That will tell you the exact number of quantities to put in water to brew a great cup. Experimenting with a tablespoon of coffees cannot help with that.

3. Clean your machine

Cleaning your espresso or French Press or Nespresso machine is vital to a good cup. If you do not, it will have a buildup of coffee remains, which will impact the flavor of your coffee.

A single-serve machine requires less cleaning or maintaining, but it still requires some clean-up.

Other than your machine, if you use a grinder, or a frother, or any other equipment for brewing coffee, keep them clean.

Use a clean cloth or a mixture of water and vinegar to clean the dirt that sticks to the machine.

4. Ensure the water is good

It is not a joke; we are serious. Water can influence coffee a lot as coffee is 98% water, and if the water tastes weird or bad, the coffee will undoubtedly taste bad.

For instance, tap water will never give you a delicious coffee because the minerals in it don’t work well with coffee beans. That is why it is better to use bottled or purified water for brewing your coffee.

On a similar note, the temperature of water in the coffee also needs to be correct for a perfect brew. Too hot water (above 205 degrees Celsius) can make the coffee bitter. If you don’t boil the water enough, it will be under-extracted. The correct temperature for brewing is between 195 to 205 degree).

To brew a perfect cup, you need to grasp the knowledge about boiling water correctly for your coffee.

5. Skimping on coffee is never a good idea

If you want to cut back on coffee, use decaf or drink less. Skimping on coffee is never the right approach. If you add 2 tbsp per 6oz cup or so, you will get a great cup. If you use less coffee and more water, it will taste bitter.

6. Preheat everything

Pre-heating everything is vital. Not heating the temperature of the cup or machine to the temperature of the water is not correct. The coffee will not brew or taste delicious.

So, heat your machine, not only it takes the residue or dirt out. But it enhances the taste of the coffee. Also, warm your mug as it will keep the coffee hot for long.

The littlest things can make a huge impact and improve the taste of your coffee. Trying these will not hurt you, and experimenting will be fun for all coffee-lovers.

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