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What To Say in a Thank-You Letter After a Job Interview

Interviewing for a new job can create stress. With good preparation, a positive attitude, and good manners, you can stand out from the crowd. After your job interview, you should plan to thank the company or recruiter for their time and consideration.

When To Send Your Thank-You Letter

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You’ll want to send your thank-you letter as soon as possible after your interview. Your interviewer may even expect a thank-you message, so instead of sending out a blase email, set yourself apart by sending a handwritten letter.

Because handwritten letters offer a personal touch and most other candidates interviewing for the position won’t bother to mail a letter, handwritten letters are one of the best ways to say thank you when you want to make a lasting impact. You might also want to send an email if you need to reach out quickly because the hiring process is moving quickly. If you send an additional thank-you email, you should hit send within 24 hours of the interview.

Choosing a Thank-You Letter Tone

The industry and hiring process will help you set the tone in your letter. If you’re applying for a job in an industry that prioritizes casual interactions or interviewing internally with someone you know, an informal tone may be appropriate. On the other hand, if you’re applying for a job in an industry that looks for official interactions, you’ll want to go with a formal letter.

Structuring Your Thank-You Letter

Creating a streamlined structure for your thank-you letter will ensure you cover all important points and make a good impression.

Starting Your Thank-You Letter

Before diving into the content of your letter, open with a standard greeting or salutation. Most thank-you letters work well with an opening like “Dear” or “Hello” followed by the interviewer’s name. Make sure you use the name that the interviewer provided when you met, and pay attention to proper spelling. Then, thank the reader for taking the time to meet with you, including the name of the job title in this sentence for clarity since they may be hiring for various positions at one time.

Recapping Who You Are

After thanking the interviewer for their time in discussing the position with you, give a short recap of who you are and your qualifications. Keep this part brief — the interviewer has your resume. The key here is connecting your qualifications back to the role and why you’re such an ideal candidate.

Ending Your Thank-You Letter

Before signing the letter, encourage the interviewer to move to the next step with you. You can reference what you know from the interview to properly write this section, for instance, referencing a second interview or reference check.

Finally, add your contact information. Though the interviewer should have this on file, including details in your letter can make it easier for the interviewer to get in touch for those next steps. You can do this by ending with a closing like “Thank you” or “Sincerely,” signing and writing your name, and including your email and phone number underneath.

A great thank-you letter can set you apart from other candidates. A straightforward yet personalized, handwritten note goes a long way in landing your dream job.

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