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5 Surprising Supplements to Boost Your Health

Good health is priceless. There are several natural substances that can help to reduce or eliminate the ailments that affect people around the world. In many cases, these natural supplements help to augment conventional treatment protocols.  As a result, there has been an increasing global demand for information about cbd oil and other helpful natural supplements for health improvement.


Bromelain is an enzyme which is also known as pineapple extract. This supplement is found in tropical fruit (pineapple). The enzyme has been used to aid in the treatment of inflammation, osteoarthritis, digestive issues and cancer. It is also used as a topical treatment for burns. People can get bromelain from drinking pineapple juice or eating the fruit. The extract, though, has a higher concentration of the enzyme.


Papain, like bromelain, is an enzyme. Papain is among a group of enzymes known for their proteolytic properties. These enzymes break down proteins into smaller units called peptides. The action of eroding proteins has earned papain a powerful reputation for ridding the body of unwanted scar tissues, swellings and masses. Papain is found naturally in the fruit papaya. Both the green and ripe papaya contain bromelain, but green papaya has been found to have higher concentrations of the enzyme.


This natural supplement, engineered from the digestive mechanisms of silkworms, has been used by people around the world to help manage conditions of varying types. Serrapeptase’s main beneficiary action is the dissolving of proteins (proteolytic action), which makes it ideal for reducing or, in some cases removing unwanted fibrin and scar tissue from the body. People who use serrapeptase, which is most effective when taken on an empty stomach, which remains empty for at least 30 minutes afterwards, report improvements in conditions like fibroids, sinusitis and arthritis, among others.

CBD Extract

CBD extract is essentially a bi-product of cannabis. There are number of CBD extracts available for use as natural health supplements. Chief among them is CBD oil, which has been used to aid in the treatment of acne, neurological illnesses, cancer and varying types of pain. This oil works by interacting with the body’s CB1 receptors, which makes it ideal for any condition that involves pain or inflammation.


Astragalus is is a Chinese herb taken from the root of the plant Astragalus Membranaceous. Naturopaths believe the extract from this root helps to boost the immune system by extending the telomeres in DNA. This is why the supplement is used by people around the world to reverse the external and internal signs of ageing.

The right natural supplements can help you to improve your health and well-being. Be sure, however, to consult your doctor before starting to use any supplement, natural or otherwise.

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