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Unique and Romantic Rings: A Guide to Having Your Wedding Bands Engraved

When it comes to wedding rings, many soon-to-be-wed couples usually focus only on getting the perfect pair. Their priority is all about finding bands that symbolize their undying love and commitment.

If you’re currently preparing for your upcoming nuptials and shopping for your rings, you may be considering lab-grown diamond wedding bands, which look and feel the same as mined ones, yet are more affordable and better for the environment. While you’re deciding on your rings, think about giving them an extra touch of sentimentality and romance by having them engraved.

Having your wedding rings personalized with a message that only you and your spouse can see is the ultimate way to make a piece of jewelry extra special. It is a great way to make your wedding more romantic and memorable.

What You Need to Know About Engraving Wedding Rings

If you’re considering having your wedding bands engraved, below are some facts and tips you will do well to know beforehand:

Not all wedding bands can be engraved.

Engraving your wedding rings is a great and romantic idea. Unfortunately, not all bands can undergo this process.

To ensure your rings can accommodate your engraving requirements, choose smooth bands with a width bigger than three millimeters. Smaller or narrower rings can result in tiny lettering that can be sloppy and unreadable.

Additionally, select the right material for the band. Softer metals, such as gold, platinum, and silver, are easier to engrave by machine or hand.

Conversely, harder metals, such as palladium, titanium, and tungsten, are often more difficult to engrave. However, there are also some jewelry shops that use modern machines to inscribe etchings on harder metal, which means you don’t have to rule out these options.

The bottom line is, ask your jeweler if they can inscribe on the wedding band metal you prefer. If not, choose another type or look for a jewelry maker that can do the required engraving work on the rings.

The time needed for engraving rings varies.

Some jewelers can engrave rings while you wait, while others need several weeks.

As such, ask your jeweler how long it will take them to engrave your bands and plan ahead.

Another tip to follow is to let your jeweler know that you want the bands engraved even before you have them made or sized. This is because, for custom-made jewels, the engraving usually happens at the end of the manufacturing process.

Informing your jeweler beforehand allows them to be prepared for the process and share advice about getting the most suitable metal wedding bands. Moreover, you will have time to think about the message you want to be engraved as you wait for your rings.

Ring engraving costs vary.

Wedding band engraving won’t cost you an arm and a leg. However, the total amount will depend on different factors, including the number of characters, font, and method of inscription.

This means that if you have a lengthy message and opt for hand engraving, expect a heftier price tag.

Machine or laser engraving tends to be cheaper. However, hand engraving adds a special, customized hand-forged feel.

There are different types of engraving ideas you can choose from.

The fun thing about having your wedding bands engraved is that there are various messages you can choose from as the inscription.

The best engraving ideas you can consider are:

Your names or initials and wedding date.

If you are looking for a traditional inscription, you won’t go wrong with having your and your partner’s initials or names and the date of your wedding engraved on each other’s rings.

Although it is a simple inscription, it is a great way to add a symbolic, romantic touch to an otherwise plain wedding band.

A significant part of or line from your vows.

Whether you plan to exchange traditional or personalized wedding vows during your special day, having a line from them engraved on your rings will help you and your partner to remember the promises you made on your wedding day forever.

Keep in mind that these vows, which you and your spouse will speak with honesty, confidence, and certainty, will help create a good foundation for and solidify your marriage.

When you have a line from your vows engraved on the rings, you and your partner will be reminded of these significant words or phrases every day and continue working on your relationship.

A line from your favorite movie, TV show, play, song, or poem.

Undoubtedly, you and your partner have a favorite film, TV series, or play. A romantic line from any of these can remind you of your first date or the first movie or stage show you watched as a couple.

You can also choose a line from your favorite song or the tune you first danced to as a couple.

Another option is to pick a line from a love poem that inspires you and captures exactly what you feel for your partner.

A phrase or line written in a romantic foreign language.

If you want something unique and romantic, consider having a phrase in a foreign language engraved on the rings.

The most popular and romantic languages you can consider are French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin.

You can go for something simple, such as “my love” in Spanish, which is “mi amor” or in French, which is “mon amour.”

You can also think of a line that means something to both you and translate them to another language to make the inscription more significant and profound.

A meaningful symbol.

Lastly, wedding ring inscriptions don’t always have to be words. If you want to be more visual than verbal, you can have a symbol engraved on your bands.

You can choose something simple, such as a small heart or an icon that represents a hobby you both share or enjoy. For instance, if you like reading or music, a book or musical note are great options.

If you both love the outdoors or enjoy couple massages or spa treatments, consider having a tree or lotus flower engraved on your wedding rings.

Symbols or icons are unusual takes on the idea, but these are great for representing and conveying your love for one another.

Whether you have chosen a word, phrase, or symbol, print out the inscription to ensure the jeweler engraves the rings with the exact engraving you want. Double-check the spelling or character to avoid any errors that can happen during the engraving process.

When you keep all these in mind when you have your wedding bands engraved, you and your spouse will have another souvenir from your special day that you can wear proudly as you journey through life together.

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