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A Romantic Date or A Crazy Night Out: How to Spend a Weekend with Your Partner?

Whether staying indoors or having a night out, quality time with your significant other is vital. The activities you plan must interest both of you to strengthen your romantic bond.

Things may get boring now and then, especially if you’ve been with your significant other for too long. To prevent the flame from dying, you can add some spice to your relationship.

How to Plan a Romantic Date or a Crazy Night Out with Your Partner

Relationships are often described as an ongoing compromise, especially when you’ve been together for a considerable period. If there are other factors like children, long-distance, and contrasting work schedules, spending time with your significant other may become challenging.

If your individual experiences reduce the time you’ve set for yourself and your partner, following specific steps to plan your next date is vital. So, whether you’re planning a romantic date or a crazy night out, here are foolproof tips to help you get it right:

1. Agree on the right time

Even if you live with your partner, there are chances that your schedules will not always align. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up on dates and quality time together.

Perhaps you can peruse your calendar at the beginning of the month and choose a suitable date and time for a romantic date or a crazy night out.

It’s also important to stay committed to your schedule, as canceling well laid plans may indicate a lack of respect for your significant other.

2. Determine who plans the date

Whoever instigates the date can plan it too, or you can leave it to the more adventurous party. The party with more free time can also be responsible for planning the date.

3. Choose an awesome date idea

Whether your idea of a fun weekend entails going on a romantic date or having a crazy night out, figuring out where to go and what to do are important for planning a memorable outing with your significant other.

4. Check the weather

The weather also plays a vital role in your plans – you don’t want to choose a period with extreme elements. For instance, if you’re planning a romantic picnic in the evening, you must check if it’ll rain that day.

Depending on your desired venue, rain may not hinder your plans, but knowledge about it will help you better prepare.

5. Plan the logistics

If you have family members that depend on you, informing them about the date is only fair. You must also plan the logistics, such as getting a babysitter if you have kids, planning the transportation to the venue, and many others.

The Best Romantic Date Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank?

Romance means different things to each couple, but a central theme is shared. The idea of a softly lit restaurant, wine or red wine, soft tablecloths, and soft background music probably flashes in your head when someone mentions it.

Well, many romantic date ideas won’t break your bank. They include:

1. A picnic date

A picnic is one of the most effortless but romantic date ideas you can explore. You can do it in the morning, afternoon or night, so your schedule won’t be a problem. Planning a picnic is also significantly easy and affordable.

2. Explore your town

We bet there are many romantic places you’re yet to discover in your town or city. You can go on a romantic dinner date to a restaurant you discover. Take advantage of the internet in finding some of the best sites your town or city offers and take some time to take your significant other there.

If you’d rather explore the town yourself, you can also set aside a date.

3. Make indoor plans

Indoor date ideas exist and are equally as enjoyable. Some of the best romantic date ideas you can have without leaving the comfort of your home include a dinner for two, breakfast in bed, romantic couple games, among many others.

Of course, you can also spice up your sex life by exploring the best sex cams.

4. A candle-lit dinner for two

A candle-lit dinner for two is one of the most romantic date options you can explore with your partner. Choose a suitable restaurant for the evening, get some flowers, set the mood, and dress for the occasion.

5. Go hiking

Hiking is also a romantic date option that affords you and your partner some time in nature. The benefits of spending time outdoors are numerous, and you and your partner can explore the hiking trails in your town or city.

It’s ample opportunity to talk and genuinely discover each other without the input of phones or gadgets and third parties.

6. Go ice skating

You can also share the thrill of ice skating with a partner. Besides, what could be more exciting than gliding in the cold embrace of your lover?

7. Visit an art gallery

Lovers and art have a similarity, which is passion. So, you and your significant other can explore an art gallery together, whether you’re looking to reignite the flame in your relationship or merely looking to spend quality time together.

You can make things even more enjoyable by kissing in empty rooms.

8. Try wine tasting

Wine tasting with your lover is one of the most romantic activities you can attempt. The outburst of flavors and aromas coupled with the lighting and soft music make the evening more magical.

But of course, it also helps that wine is an aphrodisiac, so that you can expect a happy ending to this date idea.


Romantic dates or a crazy night out are optional ways to spend more time with your significant other. While planning your desired activity, remember to consider the preferences of your partner too.

This article has explored the five tips to plan a date and eight romantic ideas that won’t break your bank. So, use them to reignite the passion in that relationship today!

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