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4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Freshen up Your Home This Fall

Doesn’t it seem like forever since you’ve had the ambition to do a little freshening up of your home? Most of us have been cooped up when not at work or out on errands because there was a raging pandemic out there. Now that a growing number of people have been vaccinated and it seems to be safe to venture out and about once again, maybe it is time to release the creative juices so that we can finally look forward to seasonal changes, having friends and family over once again, and simply just enjoying the beauty of life all around us. With that said, let’s look at some amazingly budget-friendly ways to freshen up your home, like using Devon Wick, just in time for the fall and winter holidays!

1. Spring Cleaning in the Fall?

For as long as anyone can remember, spring was a time to look forward to that annual deep cleaning after a long winter of having the home closed up with the furnace on around the clock. It was too cold outside to let a bit of fresh air in and so everyone in the household was left to breathe in stale air for months on end. When the warmer days of spring began approaching, windows were opened up, letting fresh air and sunshine into a home that had sat in darkness for many months.

With fall approaching, there is no reason why you shouldn’t begin a thorough cleaning now as well. Remember, you probably had your HVAC running all summer and there is every possibility that you have half an inch of dust on every piece of furniture you own. Don’t forget to clean your HVAC unit so it is ready for a new season! In other words, how can you spruce up the house with all that dust around, so that is the place to start.

2. Set Your Ideas on Paper!

Once you have cleaned all the summer dust and messes that have gathered, it’s time to sit down for an honest look at what you have available to you. Instead of just pulling fall colors out of the storage bins to dress sofas and chair backs, isn’t it time to begin painting a picture in your head of what you’d like to see in each room as you go through freshening your home for fall?

Some of what you’ve used in previous years is probably packed away in closets, but this year you want a fresh look, so pull those bits of décor out to see if any will be well-placed in different rooms than they were used in last year. You may not be the best artist in the world but if you can draw a rough sketch, you can build from there.

3. Look for Coupons and Voucher Codes

You will want to add a bit of new décor to your home this fall, but if you are budget-minded, then you know that it isn’t always necessary to pay full price for something more decorative than functional. When freshening up your home, take the time to look for deals on everything from ornaments to furniture and everything in between. Is there any reason to go without a few pieces of trending fall décor just because funds are limited? Budget-minded people take the time to search through discount codes and the best way to get what you need before the season changes is to start searching early.

4. Add a Bit of Aroma Therapy for Special Fall Flavor

Doesn’t fall remind you of fresh-baked apple or pumpkin pies? If you want to freshen up your home in keeping with the season at hand, don’t forget to add a bit of flavor/aroma to the room. There is nothing quite as realistic as a room decorated for the season with the added sensation of the smells/fragrances of the season. It doesn’t take much but perhaps a candle or two along with those diffusers that can be set on any table. These tend to work the best because they are not plugged into electricity, so they can even be left unattended during those days when everyone is at work or school.

While you will always want to add something new to the mix, the best way to stay within a limited budget is to create a whole new look, starting with bits you already have on hand. From there you can create something similar yet different enough to capture the essence of what you are seeing this year, through fresh eyes. Start with spring cleaning in the fall and make sure you rid your home of dust before you begin laying out the décor. Polish those wood coffee tables, wash the windows, and even take down the curtains so you can change to seasonal colors. It really is all about color and aroma, so start with what you have, and you’ll be surprised just how far you can stretch your budget.

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