How To Optimize Your Water Softener System

Water softener systems are essential tools in modern homes, as they create water that’s better to drink, easier to clean with, and healthier for bathing. If you want to know what you can do to avoid hard water’s mineral deposits, here’s how to optimize your water softener system.

What To Do

Even with a water softener system, hard water can develop if you don’t take the proper steps. First, you should always use high-quality salt in your softening system. With cheap salt, your system won’t work effectively and you’ll need to replace the salt more often. It’s far better to invest in quality salt to ensure your system does a good job the first time around.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to guarantee a functioning system. Whether there’s an issue or not, inspect your equipment once every two months and look out for anything that seems out of place. You can also give your system a clean at this time to ensure nothing can get in the way of your system’s work.

What Not To Do

If you neglect to clean the brine tank at least every six months, you may create lasting issues throughout your plumbing system. In addition, failing to refill the tank when your salt starts to run out can have disastrous consequences for your pipes.

There are quite a few different types of salt for varying softener systems, so you should make sure to buy the right type for yours. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to know if your system requires salt granules or block salt, and don’t use the wrong kind.

When cleaning your brine tank, you may see and clean the crust at the top, but assume the bottom of the tank is clean. Always check the bottom of the tank, because it may develop a hard-to-spot soft layer that may result in corrosion if left too long.

Find the Prime Installation Location

You’ll likely have a few installation location options, from your basement to your garage to your crawl space. No matter where you install it, make sure there’s access to electricity and drainage before you put in the system.

Now that you know how to optimize your water softener system, enjoy a hard water-free life!

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