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The Most Interesting Math Facts That Will Amaze You

A lot of things revolve around numbers. You discuss your salary in terms of numbers, rate people and services in numbers, and each count is awarded… you guessed right… a number. College students majoring in math have already decided it is awesome enough to keep studying, but things are different at the developmental stage. Kids who are not exposed positively to math tend to see the subject as one of the more difficult parts of their education.

Does perception make math easy or difficult? Many of the things we carry into adulthood are molded in our youngest ages, so easier ways of teaching math could make it more likable to kids. It makes sense that most students need precalculus help at some point in their higher education because they were not introduced to the subject in its easiest form. If you are good at this subject, you are likely to get someone that needs help with math, so you could easily make a thriving side gig from teaching it.

Does tutoring make someone better in a subject? It does when both parties – teacher and learner – make the effort required of them. A teacher can make math for children fun, however, practice is also essential for better grades since some things require relearning. The first perception a young student gets at the beginning coupled with good teaching paves the way to succeed.

Here are some interesting facts about math that will blow your mind.

Try this Cool Number Trick

To start us off, an easy and exciting one. Take any three digits, say 555, then add them together. You get 15. Take the three digits – 555 – and divide them by the sum, in this case, 15. The answer is 37, which applies to all the three-digit numbers between 1 and 9. Isn’t that cool that the solution remains consistent? You can try this in class to prove this fact.

Zero Zeros in Roman Numerals

The ancient Greeks appreciated the concept of zero, but they did not consider it a number since you could not divide with it. That explains why you don’t find it in the Roman numerals. Instead of zero, they have the Latin word “nulla” as a representative.

Speaking of the Romans, they founded their famous numerals to facilitate the pricing of different goods. This system carried on into the collapse of the Roman Empire until the 1600s. The letters I, V, X, L, C, D, and M represent the Roman numerals. Next time you use these at the university, remember this little fact.

“A” is Elusive

Count from 0 to 1000, and the only number with A is one thousand. The rest do not have one single letter, “a,” which is amazing since you hardly realize it until it is brought up.

Who Shares Your Birthday?

According to mathematical estimations, two out of 23 people in a room share a birthday. So, maybe you could ask around the next time you are at a party with at least 23 people in the same room?

Shakespeare and Math?

The famous writer wasn’t a fan of the subject if his vast book collection is anything to go by. He only mentioned it in Taming of the Shrew.

Multiplying by 6

Multiply any even number by six, and the answer will have that number at the end. 6*2=12, 6*4=24, 6*6=36, 6*8=48. This is much more exciting than writing an essay, isn’t it?

Write your Pi Troubles Away

If you are having trouble memorizing Pi, then you could use this statement each time you need to write it down: “How I wish I could calculate pi.” The numbers from this make up Pi… 3.141592.

What’s with Odd Numbers?

Think of all odd numbers from 1-10: One, Three, Five, Seven, and Nine. They all have ‘e’ in their spelling. Isn’t that something?

How’s your Shuffling Game?

Can you shuffle cards really well? Of course, those who play card games often say they have great skills, but did you know if you did it correctly, you could unearth a combo that has never been seen before? Think of that the next time you pick up a deck of cards.


These are only a few awesome facts about a subject that the world cannot fully agree on. To some people, math is just that subject they studied for no reason on campus, while some use it in every decision they make. It doesn’t matter where you stand in this debate, but we hope you had as much fun reading these little nuggets as we did writing them.

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