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6 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Travelling

Are you all set and excited to go on this trip you’ve organised?

Well, you certainly do realise what you’re spending for airfare, lodging, and other big-ticket commodities. You even retain cash set aside for spending. However, one false move in the planning procedure — or while you are off — can mess up your budget.

Like overspending, there appear some other common mistakes that individuals often make while wandering.

While it is widespread to take a few careless missteps when exploring and travelling in the unknown, these minor mistakes could cause too much. Sometimes these negligences can veer around your journey into a disappointing and money-wasting occurrence.

To avoid you from going on such a trip, we’re here presenting the six most common mistakes that you need to avoid.

6 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Booking your flight last minute

The initial step of tour planning is booking your flights. Time is the key when it appears to be getting a reasonable price. For top places globally, ticket rates tend to surge as the departure date yanks nears. You can check the indigo flight ticket price or any other flight price much before your travel date and book it as early as possible.

We listened to a pal saying, “Waiting for the last minute to book a flight could be an expensive gamble.” definitely true, though. So we recommend that you buy your ticket three to four weeks before the trip. For the good deals, grab your tickets over the weekend, which is said to be the “sweet spot” for savings.

Having Ambitious Itinerary

Do not stick strictly to the plans. Make sure you’re being flexible, don’t be frightened to amend your goals due to climate or shortage of money. Be familiar with the period it takes to get from one place to another. And with this, we do not just mean by distance but by the method of travel. For example, if you’re travelling by bus or car, be familiar with what time it takes with the particular model.

Avoid taking additional time at every place or extra time to rest. Think back to; you don’t have to behold the whole country in one holiday; such planning may make your journey unaccomplished.

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It’s enticing to carry outfits for every probable event. Still, it brings in difficulty to heave your suitcase around, and you might get stabbed with high luggage taxes for accidentally surpassing the baggage limit. Instead, store your bag as essential, then pull half the intended initial clothes. You surely won’t wear it all, you won’t even have to compromise on style, and you can anyway do some laundry on the path.

Skipping to take local currency

As shortly as you escape the airport, you’ll require local money to put up with public transport or cab lifts in several countries. Taking out currency from the airfield’s ATMs provides you with better business rates, so fetch what you require there, and perhaps a little additional for tragedies.

While we wield our credit cards wherever possible, we often conserve money on hand. Touring local areas is a must we have to do when we travel — and several places don’t approve credit cards.

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Not double-checking your booking & documents

Do not make such a mistake. Double-check your certificates and reservations for everything from hotels, flyings, buses, trains, etc. Constantly verify the duration and locale, and make sure they are recorded correctly. Moreover, review that your name is correctly spelled while on your flight reservation.

Possess a hard copy of all your documents, from passports to IDs to credit cards. Make sure you’re covered. You can also keep a digital copy safe.

Forgetting to notify the bank of future foreign transactions

If you wish to prevent having your debit card abolished due to “unusual activity,” inform the bank beforehand of all the provinces you will be touring. Hence, they understand it’s you who’s utilising the card.

Also, several multinational banks have foreign departments and joint endeavours that will relinquish their ATM fees.


If you, by chance, fall victim to any of such missteps, don’t be disheartened. Continue to enjoy your journey and utilise it as your learning experience. Such mistakes might feel worse at that moment, but later they prove to be a life lesson. You’ll grow and learn. The next trip would be better as a person and as a traveller & you’ll be thankful.

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