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Three Inventive Ways to Repurpose Your Moses Basket With Stand

A Moses basket can be one of the most exciting purchases you make in the lead up to a baby’s birth.

It’s a flexible and beautiful piece of kit for your baby that can also be far more practical than a bassinet.

This is because while a bassinet often has legs that are fixed in position, a Moses basket can be carried around anywhere with the attached handles.

Purchasing an additional stand for the Moses basket can also grant the piece extra functionality to bring it in line with a bassinet without the extra price tag.

You might find yourself asking what to do with a Moses basket with stand after your baby’s outgrown it, however.

In this article, we’ll outline three inventive ways to repurpose your Moses basket after your baby no longer needs it.

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Table Decoration or Centrepiece

Moses baskets are often beautiful objects in and of themselves, which make them ideal to be placed as table decorations or centrepieces.

This can be on a large coffee table, sideboard, or dining table.

For example, you can add extra charm to the Moses basket by filling it up with some freshly-picked wildflowers or homemade decorations to bring an extra bit of vibrancy and colour to a space.

Or on a dining table, a Moses basket can be a fun alternative to a cornucopia basket when decorated with fruit and vegetables. This makes for a stunning centrepiece and conversation piece, which can be ideal for dinner parties.

Storage for Odds and Ends

The practical uses for baskets are almost infinite, and using a Moses basket with stand as a means to store odds and ends is a brilliant way to extend its usability.

In the living room, a Moses basket can be used alongside other pieces of furniture such as shelving units, sofas and side tables to bring an elegant way to store items.

These can be anything from magazines, books, phone chargers, or even as an easy place to store equipment for hobbies such as knitting or sewing.

Repurposing the stand also means that you can stand the Moses basket up on its own in a nook or alcove. This can help bring an extra bit of character and charm to a room, or simply act as an unusual conversation piece.

Laundry Basket

The size and handles of Moses baskets means that it’s absolutely ideal to use as a laundry basket.

The stand can also be set up near your washing machine to take the hassle out of the loading and unloading process.

The attractive look and feel of a Moses basket can be a fun and unusual way to bring a bit of extra cuteness to your daily chores. After all, there’s no reason why laundry baskets can’t be both beautiful and functional!

Looking for More Moses Basket With Stand Inspiration?

A Moses basket can be a surprisingly versatile and useful piece to have around the house even after a baby outgrows it.

It has the potential to take on many uses and guises throughout its lifetime, so it’s well worth experimenting and seeing what you can do with your Moses basket with stand.

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