The Most Sustainable Materials To Build Furniture With

Living sustainably means investing in eco-friendly materials for daily use. Eco-friendly furnishing consists of materials that don’t harm the environment and that are more durable than standard manufactured furniture. For an eco-friendly home, go green with your next DIY project by exploring the most sustainable materials to build furniture with.

Recycled Materials

Recycled materials are natural first choices when your goal is to be eco-friendly in your home. Some benefits of using recycled materials include their versatility and durability. Almost all furniture and hardware materials—from wood and textiles to fiber and glass—are recyclable. Constructing furniture from these materials entails a simpler process because it requires fewer resources.

Reclaimed Materials

Using both recycled and reclaimed materials is an effective form of waste disposal, providing a sustainable option to build furniture. Reclaimed materials aren’t broken into components like recycled materials are; instead, they’re regenerated into a usable state. A popular example is reclaimed wood, which has been repurposed from its original application into something else, such as a coffee table.

All-Natural Materials

All-natural materials such as wood, hemp, bamboo, and cotton are eco-friendly choices with which to furnish your home. Natural materials don’t contribute to carbon emissions or pollute landfills, and they’re versatile and durable to accommodate any home setting.

The quality of natural materials is sustainable not just for the planet but also for your health. Unlike the pollutants that manufactured furniture emits, natural materials protect the air quality in your home. Plus, sustainable materials such as cotton provide cushioning that’s friendly to the skin and the environment.

When you’re going the DIY route with your home, you don’t have to trade environmental friendliness for stylish furniture. Be creative in your exploration of sustainable materials to construct timeless pieces while meeting your need to go green.

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