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7 Productive Things To Do To Pass Time In An Unfulfilling Job

Is boredom slowly destroying your soul while at work? Do you feel unfilled working in a repetitive job with long periods of downtime doing nothing? Are you always looking for ways to fill up all that spare time?

Well, today is your lucky day, here are 7 productive things you can do to pass time in an unfilling job.

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#1 Look for another job

If you are in an unfulfilling job that doesn't keep your focus, then it's time to look for another job. Using your time to be productive in this manner can even increase your productivity in your current job since your hope becomes peaked.

Contributors: Joyce Blue from Empowering You Life Enhancement Coaching LLC

#2 Do personal development

If your job is unfulfilling you can work on personal development to help you pass the time. Read or take an online course or work on mindset exercises that will help you develop as a person.

Contributors: Joyce Blue from Empowering You Life Enhancement Coaching LLC

#3 Fix The Problem

Many times companies will hire externally for experience, and employees end up in roles that are lateral at best for them. Then there are times when people need the money and absolutely need the role in front of them, or want to get a foot in the door. The roles people find themselves in could be seen as unfulfilling or not challenging. Or.... they could be looked at as an opportunity to excel at the same time proving your worth for the next level or levels of jobs. 

I've always been the most impressed when employees see a problem (big or small) in the workplace and just take it upon themselves to work on and fix, complete, improve it, etc. When leaders see others going above and beyond in that way they become a real asset, someone to keep around for the long haul and to give additional challenges and roles to. 

We've all heard stories of people who started as secretaries and janitors in their companies and rose to the C-Suite or CEO positions. Those are these people. You can guarantee they were not unproductive, but instead doing work others didn't want to do, helping others, offering up solutions, and learning from others at all times. These are the people that will succeed, in work and in life. 

Contributors: Dana Deibel from EverRamp

#4 e-Learning Courses

I like learning languages. So, I used that time to learn my favorite languages. Every day I would set aside 1-2 hours for the course and diligently complete the assignment and exercises. Apart from languages, there are multiple other courses one can try.

Contributors: Charu Babbar from ErgonomicSpot 

#5 YouTube

I would spend lot of time on Youtube learning a new tool or a practice a skill. For e.g. to improve my Photoshop skills, I used to go through various tutorials. Developing these skills also helped me in my day-day job, so it was a bonus to learn them.

Contributors: Charu Babbar from ErgonomicSpot 

#6 Research & Follow your passion

If you have an unfilling job, do something that fuels your passion. Use the time to research a way to monetize that passion. Keep a notepad on you to jot down ideas. Working at work is the single best way to make it easier to get out of bed in the morning and shorten the lifespan of the job you dislike. Work hard and good things will happen. 

Contributors: Matt R. from Wfh

#7 Write a book

Most people think they have a novel in them, if only they have the time. So why not take the down time at an unfulfilling job by seeing what happens if you try to let your inner novelist out? This comes with the added bonus of letting you look busy, absorbed in your computer screen, while composing and revising. It's rare, but some writers have been so successful that they have been able to quit their unfulfilling jobs and write full-time. 

Contributors: Susan Helene Gottfried from West of Mars, LLC 

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Written by Ben Skute

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