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I Need A New Life: How To Make A Fresh Start In Life

Everyone has wished at some point or another in their life for a completely fresh start. We are all familiar with this dream, but how do you make it a reality?

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#1 Change your morning routine

Our routines in the morning dictate the pace and events that happen later in the day. Consider doing simple exercises or going to the gym in the morning to induce happy hormones or cortisol. Plan healthier breakfast options that will give you more energy throughout the day. Create a physical or mental note of the things you have to accomplish for the day to keep your life more organized. By resetting your morning routine, you will have more control of what will happen to you instead of waiting for life to happen.

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#2 Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

The best way to get a fresh start is to get rid of unnecessary items in your home. This includes clothes, technology, and gifts you’ve never used. If you can, donate the items to your local shelter, church, or school.

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#3 Unfriend People On Social Media Who Aren’t Your Real Friends

Remember that person you Facebook friended years ago because you had a college project together? Of course you don’t! Most people have social media friends they don’t remember or haven’t heard from in a century. To make a fresh start, unfriend people on your social media accounts who aren’t your real friends.

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#4 Reinvent Yourself

In order to make a fresh start and feel complete about it, we need to reinvent ourselves. Shed our old skin. In order to make this huge shift, we can't be attached to our identities and who we think we should be or act like. When one wants to make a fresh start in life, they are usually extremely unhappy with one or more areas of their life. We need to examine that area(s) with honest introspection and see how we can change ourselves, not the area we think we need to eliminate to evoke that fresh start. It must come from internally.

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