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How to Manage a Long Distance Relationship

The United States is a huge country and due to career paths, many people find themselves separated from their soulmate, which can obviously put a strain on a relationship. Yes, we have video calls, which does help maintain a connection and if you are thousands of miles away from your lover, we offer a few tips to keep the relationship from withering.

  • Schedule video calls – Both parties need to find a time when they are both available, which might be a challenge, depending on time zones. These calls are the closest you can get to being in the same room and if passion runs at a high, she can use one of her rechargeable vibrators and you can climax together! A lot of professional couples get intimate in a virtual setting, which might not be ideal, but it keeps the physical side of the relationship going.
  • Choose your communication avenues – There are many ways you can digitally connect with your soulmate; she might prefer WhatsApp or Line, while Facebook Messenger or Skype are also popular. Select one for text messaging and another for video calls, which should avoid confusion.
  • Don’t forget surface mail – While it might take a few days to arrive, a handwritten letter is always a nice surprise; some people can communicate better when they put pen to paper and by keeping things positive, you can nurture your relationship by telling her how you really feel in a letter. If she loves surprises, send her flowers, which can easily be done through an online florist and that will make her day!
  • Mutual masturbation – Hopefully, she has her sex toys and with both of you in a private setting, you can get erotic! You could exchange images, which can really spice things up. Let your imagination run wild and talk about times in the past and also your next face-to-face meeting, which might be a few months down the road. If you want to surprise her, order a few adult toys and send them to her home address; suppliers make sure the packaging is discreet, so no one would know, other than you both.
  • Watch movies together – This is only possible thanks to digital solutions; you can both watch a romantic film and keep a video call open. Stop the movie now and then and you can chat about it. Ask her if there is a movie she wants to watch and arrange a time to view it online.
  • Plan a weekly online date – Set aside a time that works for both of you, and each prepare a meal that you can share via a video call. Include wine and you can toast each other to make it a romantic union. Ideal for birthdays and anniversaries, dining together, albeit in a virtual setting, a candlelit setting makes for a romantic encounter.

Maintaining a distance relationship can be challenging and we hope the above tips can help you stay connected with the love of your life.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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