4 Gift Ideas For Your Friend Who Just Got Dumped

So your friend got dumped and you want to chirp them up with a nice, thoughtful present. Here are 4 awesome gift ideas for your friend who just got dumped.

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#1 Wine Glass with Saying: “Love the Wine You’re With

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Our wine glasses are made to make someone smile. The Love the Wine You’re With glass is a fun way to shift the focus off of the X and onto something worth loving that will never leave you! 

Contributors: Mary Poul from Wine Accents 

#2 Infinity Pillow

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What's comforting for your friend who just got dumped? A soft and luxurious pillow to bring anywhere - the Infinity Pillow. It twists and turns and cuddles right back with you. And unlike your other half, this one does exactly what you want it to do thanks to the adjustable design.

Contributors: Cindy Ng from Infinity Pillow 

#3 Go on a trip – Get the Brelox Travel Jewelry Organizer

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We recommend someone travel as the best way to get over being a dumpee - traveling helps you put the negative energy away and going somewhere you love or someplace you have never been, makes it easier to forgot what happened - especially with the change of scenery! And when you do travel, you'll want to make sure you bring along your jewelry to look your best. The organizers fashionably store all types of jewelry - keeping them safe and organized at home and during travels through a variety of storage options and are available in four designs. 

Contributors: John Vlachos from Brelox 

#4 Break Up Box

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A cute, snarky, care package for the friend who was dumped! The Breakup Box, complete with a voo-doo doll, is a custom care package that people can buy and send a friend. All of our gifts come with a hand-written note and ship for free in the U.S. as well! 

Contributors: Hannah Redmond from Happy Box Store

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Written by Ben Skute