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Experts Tell Us the Best Card Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Card Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Cards Against Humanity Card game Black

This product was recommended by Charles McMillan from Stand With Main Street

A player asks a question from a black card in each round of this self-described party game for horrible people, and everybody else responds with their craziest white card. For optimum replay value, this original pack includes 500 white cards and 100 black cards. It’s worth mentioning that the material in this adult card game might be a touch risqué. This game is well-known for being extremely offensive. So, if you’re easily offended, this isn’t the game for you.

Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets Card Game

This product was recommended by Lucas Travis from Inboard Skate

What I love most about this specific card game is that it looks challenging at first, but it’s the challenge that will hook you to the game in general. We have been playing it in every house party and get together, and no one ever got bored of it no matter how many times we played it. It encourages positive interactions amongst people you play it with. It’s interactive, unpredictable and is best when played with a group. Also, it’s easy to grasp.

Atlas Gloom

This product was recommended by Matthew Paxton from Hypernia

Gloom is one of the best and unique card games I have ever played. In this game, you’ll be meddling in the affairs of a Victorian family. Everyone will use cards to depress the members as much as they can in order to eventually kill them in the stupidest way possible. For example, a certain family member can be mauled by manatees. The more glum your victim is when they die, the more points you get. In a delightful twist, your opponents will then be working hard to undo the gloom you have brought upon the family by cheering them up. It’s twisted and wacky, the artwork is amazing, and for a game that’s all about bringing doom to others, playing it is an absolute blast.

Alderac Entertainment Group Love Letter

This product was recommended by Alexander Zin from All Home Robotics

This card game is extremely simple to learn, yet intriguing to master – it has all the core requirements for an interesting game – deduction, luck, perception. It is also flexible enough to be played with 2-5 people, and I recommend 4. You can easily whip it out in a pinch – during a party, a long journey, or a chill game night, and trust me, you will have fun in no time – playing around with all the courtiers, and delivering your Love Letter to the Princess.

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

This product was recommended by Loren Quimbo from Advanced Mixology

This best drinking card game delivers its promise, which is to get you and your friends drunk. The game is scary yet straightforward to play as you will never know what the card will hold. Technically, the goal of the game is to make everyone in the group drunk. The person who is soberer at the end wins. Each card lets you do something hilarious to the point that giving up and drinking is just a better solution.

Dutch Blitz Original and Expansion Pack Set Card Game

This product was recommended by Baker Mesh from Survival Mesh

I suggest this Chair because: I love this game and now I can’t stop playing it. Because it’s fast paced and can get a little competitive, but it never gets old. As I said, it’s competitive and the shenanigans we get into! The huffing and puffing, but all in good fun. It’s addictive! But is a tiny bit complicated to learn for newbies. Once you get it, you can’t stop playing. Round after round, it’s never ending.

HOT SEAT: The Party Game That’s All About You

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

This is a family-friendly card game preferably for ages 10 and above that, you can use to discover who your friends are by providing the chance to hear stories they hoped everyone forgot. Also, you can play the game to find out who the people that know you best as it requires players to answer pretending to be you in the hot seat. It is among the best games since it allows more than three players and contains over 200 questions and you can play it again and again with answers changing depending on the people around.

WHY DON’T WE Conversation Starters for Couples

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

When looking for a perfect card game for couples, this makes your best fit. It has fun and romantic couple games to offer a stronger connection to your spouse. You will have more fun together with 120 cards containing varied topics while you get to spend more quality time with your better half. It provides a platform to get to know each other in a way that is fun, different, and creative.

UNO: Wilderness – Card Game

This product was recommended by May Flanagan from Global Green Family

If you’re a nature lover who’s looking for an eco-aware version of the usual UNO card game, you’ll love UNO Wilderness – Card Game. The pictures on the cards for this game were nice to look at and the scenery really fit its nature-themed vibe. Overall, this is a great twist for the loved card game.

Monopoly Deal Card Game

This product was recommended by Sean Harris from Swing Coaches

What I love about this card game is that it makes you feel a sense of belongingness. Every card matters and every strategy and decision is highly important. This game is a combination of strategy, luck, and excitement, which makes me feel challenged yet happy while playing it.

Exploding Kittens – A Russian Roulette Card Game

This product was recommended by Eden Cheng from WeInvoice

This is the best party game for friends and families and also one of the influential card games of the year award winners. If you are a beginner, you will need just 2 minutes to learn. Moreover, it takes only 15 minutes to play, and kids above 7 years old can play along with 2-5 players. It consists of approx 56 cards, which feature excellent illustrations from the manufacturer of the Oatmeal.

Hapinest Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt Outdoor Indoor Card Game

This product was recommended by David Johnson from BarbecueLogic

I simply wanted to share something. Every weekend, I enjoy having a backyard barbecue with my friends and family. Having this Hapinest Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt Card Game is a fantastic activity for us. A great way for adults and children to bond. it allows families and friends to spend quality time together. This game is a suitable educational activity for children as young as six as well as for their parents. We play it both outside and indoors. What I enjoy most about grilling is watching them enjoy the game.

Zombie Fluxx by Looney Labs

This product was recommended by Greg Halter from Year of the dad

Zombie Fluxx is not your ordinary card game. This game is fantastic because the rules of the game can change at any moment. Fluxx style card games have rule cards. You start with basic rules but then someone can change the rules simply by playing another card. This means you can go from almost winning the game to being far from victory. And you can’t forget the zombies. Zombies can either be a hindrance or a path to victory depending on the current goal for the victory. And there are also rules like You have to groan like a zombie when you draw a zombie card or rules that allow you to win with a zombie baseball team (collect 9 zombies). This game is really fun to play with kids because the rules change often and are easy to understand. And most kids just love zombies.

Fluttering Souls

This product was recommended by Brenna Noonan from Quillsilver Studio

Fluttering Souls is a meditative 2-player set collection game where players collect sets of beautiful butterflies. It’s light and quick, but with enough variability to capture the interest of seasoned gamers, too. It is a great fit for couples, or for a parent and child. Since it plays in only 15 minutes and the package is small and portable, it is great to take with you on trips and outings to get in a quick game on the go.

Magic: The Gathering Magic Game Night

This product was recommended by Abby Drow from Cloom

This is like a starter kit but for five players. These five decks were created as a natural approach to teach magic to your friends. It is packaged in a robust, portable box, allowing you to carry the magic with you wherever you go. You can mix and match cards to create your decks fast and effortlessly for limitless combinations. A truly magical night for beginners.

Verified – A Trivia & Dare Party Card Game

This product was recommended by Jaren G. from Verified

Verified is a fun social media trivia and dare party game for the 21st century audience. It is a lot of fun and will get you doing those off the wall challenges we see all the time on social media.

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