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Gift Ideas: 16+ Gifts That Start With The Letter S

Perhaps you have a friend named Sam and you want to get them a gift beginning with an S? Here are 16+ awesome gifts that begin with the letter S.

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#1 SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

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As counter-intuitive as it seems, white noise helps people sleep. The soft whir drowns out other sounds and creates an audible cushion, turning any bedroom into a haven. 

Unlike digital-based machines and loops, Snooz features a real fan, creating a natural, comforting sound that never changes throughout the night. And, with the fan inside the sleek, modern-looking case, there’s no blowing cold air to disrupt sleep. 

Portable and stylish, Snooz has completely customizable levels, from a light purr to a throaty buzz. It even features a nursery setting. 

Contributor: Martin Stein from Skull Shaver

#2 Swannies Gamer and Computer Eyewear

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Swannies glasses are a great present for the whole family as we have ranges for both adults and kids

Swannies are a great gift as it's a gift that will actually get used! Their glasses block blue light which helps to improve the wearer's sleep and overall wellbeing.

Contributor: Sam Mehan from Swanwick Sleep 

#5 Star Readers: from out of the east

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In Nygaard’s novel—which is a retelling of the three wise men’s journey to Bethlehem—star readers journey to solve a mystery related to an ancient prophesy and the position of the stars. With tension that begins within the first few pages, lovely prose that matches the time period, and helpful footnotes, this novel features well-developed characters, unique descriptions, and strong dialogue. Additionally, the book is well plotted and features an epic historical setting.

Contributor: Dan Nygaard from Fort Collins, CO

#6 Suede Microfiber Travel Beach Towel

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Small, light & under $20, NewLyfe Suede Microfiber Travel Beach Towels are the perfect gift with a difference for travelers, beach lovers, swimmers of all ages! 

This is not your ordinary travel towel! Suede Microfiber is thinner than standard microfiber & cotton so when rolled up it's lightweight & compact making it super easy to pack and carry. 

The ideal towel for family vacations or backpacking where space is limited. Rolled out it's an extra large towel that's big enough to lay on & even wrap around you. The high tech quick dry fabric hang dries 5 x faster & repels sand better than anything you have used before! 

With stunning vibrant cabana stripes and a luxuriously silky soft suede feel they look and feel amazing! Durable and easy care, people of all ages love these towels - adults, kids and teens! It's a travel towel with style! 

Contributor: Nat from NewLyfe Simply Living

#7 Snazzy Starry Night Socks

Pick up one of our expertly designed artwork women's socks for $9.99, down from $14.99. They make the perfect gift whether they are gifted to your best friend or your old school art teacher.

Made of a cotton polyester mix. One size fits all. Free USA/UK shipping.

Explore our different designs using the drop down below.

#8 Swinger Box (Golf)

Swinger box is a full service subscription box that's great for the golfer searching for a unique monthly box. They offer both on course, and off-course products that are designed in-house for our monthly shipments. Founded in 2015, Swinger Box has been featured on BuzzFeed, Good House Keeping, Brad's Deals, Esquire, and more as being the perfect gift for golfers any time of year.

Contributor: SwingerBoxGolf

#12 Strap Saver Shorter Straps Without Sewing

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Keep your favorite bras and bathing suits longer by tightening tired straps easily with The Strap Saver. Get a comfortable, custom fit on strappy dresses and tank tops without an expensive trip to the dry cleaner. Shorten straps on-the-go while leaving them adjustable with this simple, little product. The Strap Saver comes in a variety of sizes and colors. 

Contributor: Shari Deutsch from The Strap Saver

#13 Shrub Soda (Coconut)

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Innovative, functional, healthy balsamic soda makes a great gift as it's incredibly unique. The unexpected mix of sweet balsamic vinegar, coconut water, and water combine to create a tasty and unique beverage experience not found anywhere else. Zero added sugar and zero added chemicals/preservatives make a phenomenal gift! 

Also great for sober family and friends as we're often referred to as a mocktail in a bottle.

Contributor: Aaron Weast from Drink Shrub

#14 Stealth Leftovers by Cynthia MacGregor

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Stealth Leftovers is a different kind of cookbook. What do you do with leftovers—primarily plainly cooked meats (e.g roast pork, broiled chicken, burgers, sausages, steak, et al)? Sure, you can reheat ’em, but won't your family react, Ugh…leftovers!? 

Here are clever, creative recipes utilizing plainly cooked meat…which you'll turn into Casbah Chicken, Sultan's Delight, and a few old favorites like Turkey Tetrazzini. But most of these recipes are new, different…and delicious. 

Contributor: Cynthia (Cyn) MacGregor from Freelance writer/editor

#15 Speakeasy-S: New Retro 51 Speakeasy Rollerball Pens

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Those Who Love to Raise a Glass Will Love to Raise One of These Bottoms up! Retro 51, creator of fine writing instruments with personality, recently introduced a new line of libation-inspired pens designed to get writers in the creative spirit.

There are three pen styles in the Tornado Speakeasy series, representing popular beverages of choice, including:

  • Pilsner Beer – featuring a sculpted twist bottle cap top, full-bodied yellow lacquer finish and festive “cheers” label.
  • Red Wine – with a robust red barrel and printed label, topped with an actual cork.
  • Absinthe (aka “the green fairy”) - featuring a green demon and antique silver accents, this pen celebrates the potent green liquor favored by writers and artists in the days of Prohibition.

Contributor: Joanne Levine from Lekas & Levine

#16 Solar Defender SPF 30 Sunscreen

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Solar Defender, 30 SPF Sunscreen. A revolutionary sunscreen formula that's both gentle and extremely effective at protecting from aging UVA and burning UVB rays.

Defender SPF 30 water-resistant sunscreen goes on sheer and is invisible in seconds. Any skin will find it easy to wear throughout the day. Due to the blend of UV absorbing (Octinoxate) and reflecting (Zinc Oxide) sunscreens, Solar Defender SPF 30 may be applied under or over moisturizer.

May also be worn under makeup or alone. This formula is enriched with cell-protecting antioxidant Vitamin E, stabilized Vitamin C and soothing Green Tea and Aloe to help lessen the damage caused by direct sunlight.

Contains Octinoxate, the most popular UVB sunscreen in the world, and micronized Zinc Oxide, the gentlest UVA-protective sunscreen available. Both sunscreens are suspended in a biologically-inert silicone emulsion which helps prevent the irritation normally caused by sunscreens.

This greaseless base leaves skin's protective barrier intact, so your complexion stays calm and moist all day, regardless of skin type. Water-resistant. Does not contain mineral oil or pore-clogging ingredients.

Contributor: Celia Sepulveda from SkinResourceMD

#17 Shine Free Solution

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This lightweight, oil-control formula captures excess oil on the skin for up to eight hours. This oil control skin care treatment helps reduce visible shine, prevents clogged pores and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. Shine Free Solution also keeps makeup looking fresh throughout the day.

Shine Free Solution utilizes Nylon-12, a powder that absorbs up to 400 times its weight in oil. Adding further control over oily shine is Farnesol Complex, a Swiss-produced ingredient proven to decrease surface oiliness within 15 days of beginning daily application. 

Antimicrobial essential oils of tea tree, thyme, sage and eucalyptus help control problematic bacteria on the skin's surface, helping to reduce the likelihood of breakouts, while humectant peptides from Hawaiian Red Marine Algae keep skin moist and comfortable. 

Contributor: Celia Sepulveda from SkinResourceMD

#18 Soothing Gelle Masque

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Calm, soothe & moisturize sensitive, visibly irritated skin. Acts within minutes for hours of relief. Excellent for professional body treatments, especially after sunburn. Deliver comforting moisture and repair support to any skin type in minutes with this instantly cooling high potency blend of hydrating Panthenol, calming Allantoin and ultra soothing Sea Whip. 

Contributor: Celia Sepulveda from SkinResourceMD

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Written by Ben Skute