5 Perfect Gifts For Plumbers | Best Gifts For Plumbers

Plumbers are hugely under-appreciated, they show up when we need them and always know how to fix the problem, whatever it is. Here are 5 awesome gifts to give to the plumber(s) in your life that they are sure to love. 

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#1 Hands-Free LED Pipe Light

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The Life Mounts LED Plumbers Light with Patented Pipe Mount provides hands-free lighting for plumbers who are working in tight spaces with little margin for error. Being able to see under cabinets, in attics and crawl spaces is essential for any plumbing pro or handy-man. Our light straps to pipe sizes up to 2.5 in diameter and rotates 360 degrees to shine light wherever it is needed.

Contributor: Christoph from Life Mounts, LLC

#2 Suspender Store Mens Tape Measure Suspenders

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Is a butt crack an occupational “hazard” of every plumber? Stop the plumber in your life from being the butt of every plumber joke. Pun intended. Buy these awesome yellow tape measure suspenders that come in 4 sizes that will fit plumbers from 5’ - 6’9” tall. Made in the USA, these suspenders feature x-back construction, heavy duty alligator clips, size adjusters and 2-inch wide elastic straps. Banish the butt crack forever! 

Contributor: Nicholas Christensen from Lottery Critic

#3 Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler by BoomBoom

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These flavored essential oil nasal inhalers help you stay focused, feel refreshed, and be a better you. Plus, they are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. 

Specifically for plumbers, BoomBoom is incredible for blocking unpleasant smells from the nose. Replace bad scents with delicious minty and fruity aromas. 

Contributor: Brooke Bierman from BoomBoom 

#4 Super Comfy Marc Skid Underwear

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Marc Skid is the only underwear brand using the world’s finest cotton -- organic pima. Organic Pima represents only .0005% of all cotton harvested in a given year. Additionally, Marc Skid is the only brand using Repreve, which is polyester up-cycled from water bottles. There is one water bottle in each waistband.

The plumbers' creed...Protect the Health of the Nation and every plumber needs good underwear, plumber crack

Contributor: Daniel Barry from Marc Skid

#5 LeakSmart Leak & Flood Detection System

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LeakSmart detects leaks, shuts off a home's main water supply and notifies homeowners in five seconds. The system comprises wireless sensors, app, the new LeakSmart Snap shutoff valve controller - making for quick and easy installation - and the LeakSmart Hub 3.0 that continues working during downed power or Wi-Fi. Use independently or with a smart home system like Nest, Amazon Alexa or Control4.

Contributor: Sara N. Blood from Topsail Strategies

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Written by Ben Skute