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6 Thank-You Gifts To Appreciate Your Realtor At Closing In 2019

Go a step above clinking glasses and get a memorable gift for your savvy realtor to express gratitude for all the expert help.

The customary practice is for you to be at the receiving end of a closing gift, but you can very well reciprocate as a nice gesture on what is certainly a happy occasion—closing a deal on a property. That said, you do not just want your agent to only appreciate the thoughtfulness, you also want the gift itself to be emotive.

Now if you don’t know an appropriate present that would best reflect your gratitude, we understand the challenge. The most amazing gift any realtor the world over would appreciate is a referral, but beyond that, our list offers timely guidance on the best closing gift recommendations that will pleasantly surprise your realtor after closing.

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#1 Custom Home Painting Original Watercolor Portrait

Personalization adds an extra special touch to any gift and my custom illustrations are no exception. Each work of art is hand-drawn in ink and painted in watercolor. The purchaser simply sends me a hi-res photo of the new home (or doorway) and I get to work creating a custom piece for the recipient to display and treasure for years to come.

Contributor: Jennifer Baghdoian from Jenny's Noodle

#2 Hard Work Deserves Fresh Fruit Basket

From the Contributor: It's an uncommon gift which everyone loves. Not only is the gift delicious, it creates a lasting impression that causes the realtor to think of us when they have a new home that would work for our business. We love working with our realtors and it is important for them to love working with us.

Contributor: Dillan Thompson from Ugly Man Buys Houses

#5 Washington DC 3D Wood Map

WoodScape Maps are 3D maps made entirely of wood. They can be hung up in your home or office anywhere. These would make an exceptional gift for a realtor at closing-- especially if the new home owners are recent transplants (have moved to a new city/location).

Contributor: Raymond Inzitari from WoodScape Maps

#6 FIRST Cacao w/Infused Espresso

CocoaX is an all-natural Unsweetened Cacao which is the first in the world to have espresso in it. The espresso enhances the flavor of the cacao, without any added caffeine. So not only is the cacao a healthy gift, but it's a gift which is one of a kind

Contributor: Joan Hall from CocoaX, Inc

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Written by Ben Skute