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5 Amazing Signs That You Have Met Your Soulmate

When you think about who your soulmate could be, it can be both an exciting and overwhelming feeling. It’s a polarizing question that makes you wonder if there’s one person out of the billions of people in the world who is the best match for you. Say, you’ve gone on about a hundred dates in your lifetime, and one after another, you’ve just ended up disappointed.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Finding your soulmate isn’t an instant thing. Just because you’ve found someone whom you believe to be your soulmate, it doesn’t follow too that your relationship is going to be an easy-breezy one. There are many different types of soulmates and it’s for you to dig deeper into that, too.

Finding a soulmate doesn’t mean meeting that person who is an all-in-one perfect package. Rather, it’s that someone whom you’re able to connect with, to a deeper level. You’re loved and accepted for who you are, and you’re able to be the best you – perhaps something you may not have seen in yourself for a while now.

With that, here are five amazing signs that you have already met your soulmate.

1. You Have An Instant Connection

One of the most daunting parts about dating is that first date. When two strangers meet for the very first time, there’s always that gap and awkwardness. You may not know what to say, or what to talk about. There seems to be longer silence than there are meaningful and deep conversations.

They say that if you’ve found your soulmate, all those first date woes wouldn’t be there. You have that instant connection with the person you’re with. Yes, you may still be strangers. But, it’s as if you’ve already met each other before.

This is one of the strongest spiritual signs that you may have met your soulmate. You have that instant facial and memory recognition, even if it’s the first time you’ve physically met each other.

2. You Just Know It

Have you ever gone through something big in your life before and walking into that occasion, you just know what the outcome would be like? For instance, you walk into a job interview and, albeit nervous, you have that innate feeling inside of you that you’re going to land that job? Once the interview is over, you get that call and your feeling is right.

Or, on the opposite, you’ve gone through your day with the thought ‘I have a bad feeling about this’ and, unfortunately, at the end of it all, the outcome was, in fact, as negative as you thought it would be.

That’s the power of gut feeling. It’s so hard to explain in words, but in your mind and your heart, it’s like there’s that strong voice telling you, ‘This is it.’ You just know it. In the past, you knew that a certain date would fail and you were right. This time around, you just have that very strong but unexplainable feeling that this individual is, in fact, your soulmate. And, you were right again.

3. You Met Someone Who Isn’t Necessarily Who You’ve Had In Mind

Everyone has their respective checklists of what they’re looking for in a man or a woman. Moreover, when you date someone, it’s normal to have that checklist in mind. You try and check whether or not that individual you’re with actually satisfies your checklist. There’s nothing wrong with this, as that checklist serves as your manner of narrowing down from among the options you may have.

With your soulmate, however, you’ll be surprised to see how your checklist may not necessarily be satisfied. When you’re with that person, you’re happy, you know you’re having a good time, and you have that strong feeling that the person is the one. But they may be the complete opposite of what your checklist dictates.

This may usually be the case. You’ll catch yourself in that funny situation of how unexpected your soulmate is.

4. You’ve Found A Best Friend In Them

Truth be told, friendship is always that solid foundation of any relationship. The sparks and romantic flames are only going to be there during the first few years of your relationship or marriage. As you settle deeper into that relationship, you’ll see that what remains is mutual respect and love for each other, simply because you also consider each other as your best friend.

This is what your soulmate is. You are strangers in the beginning but you turn out to be each other’s best friend. Or, who knows that best friend who has long cared about you so much may actually be your soulmate. Only time will open your eyes to this reality.

If you’re in a positive, healthy, happy, and trusting best friend-like relationship with your significant other, then that’s a good sign. You may just have found your soulmate, this time around.

5. You Have A Sense Of Peace And Comfort

There are those people who, when you’re with them, you’re just reminded of how chaotic and stressful life may sometimes be. On the one hand, there are also those who give you that sense of peace and comfort. Your life may still be imperfect, messy, and stressful, but when you’re with them, you have a sense of calm.

That latter group of people may be where your soulmate belongs. Love shouldn’t have you feeling like it’s so hard to be with that person. You shouldn’t be anxious or nervous at all around them. In a day that’s filled with the noise of day-to-day life, that person may be whom you’re so excited to just relax and find comfort in.

Final Words

As you tick off the list in your mind, do you think the search is over? Do you have that strong feeling in you that the one whom you’re with right now truly is your soulmate? Only you can tell. Being in love is always a wonderful feeling. And, it’s going to be even more wonderful to know that the one you’re with truly is the one ideally matched for you. The universe has shown you all the signs, so now it’s on your hands to nurture that love that you think is finally ‘the one’.

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