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4 Types of Cruises You Can Use on Komodo Island

As many people tour the Komodo, they frequently enquire about the best cruises to use.

The hardest part is that most of the online recommendations cling to a specific type of cruise ship. Worse yet, the recommendations shift on personal cruising tastes, which often differ per individual.

The motivation behind this article is to present you with four typical cruising ship types. The classifications are according to occasions, time, price, and destination.

After finding out what each of them entails, you should comfortably combine your favorite classes. Lastly, you can enjoy your cruising on Komodo island.


You can pick a cruise according to your desired mood. That ranges from family, cruising pair to business missions.

For instance, you may want to bond as a family after a long time spread out into various activities over the year.

For example, the children could be studying far away from home. One of the parents could be working overseas. And the best cruising experience is choosing a medium-sized ship. It accommodates an immense number of passengers.

Such types of ships are likely to have special food and drink arrangements to accommodate varied family interests. Besides, you could mark a family milestone such as a birthday, wedding, or honeymoon.

The most typical romantic Komodo cruises present you with a quiet bonding environment. They are also likely to access varied, distant locations around the islands.

Additionally, you may want to instill a feel-good experience in employees, business associates, or managers.

For instance, you can choose the Komodo island cruise that permits you to conduct business meetings. Examples of business operations on a cruise ship are salesforce and board meetings and employee appreciation.


Another major grouping of cruises is the amount you are willing to spend for the best cruising experience. The core types of cruise ships according to price are budget, all-inclusive, and luxury cruise ships.

Most budget cruise ships accommodate up to 1000 passengers. They are crucial if you seek shipping experience on a low budget.

Besides, you will love them if you are cruising for the first time. That is partly due to the reason most of them undertake short visits. And great for experimenting service quality of a destination.

The most typical classification of cruise ships is all-inclusive cruises. They mostly accommodate an average of 5000 passengers.

The price is slightly higher than that of budget cruise ships. That happens because they provide more services, such as meals and accommodation.

The last category of ships is luxury cruises. They possess advanced cruising experience due to improved luxurious cruising technologies. The cruises suit you if you prioritize above-average cruising experience.

Also, you may want to spend a massive time cruising. Then, you may require a unique vacation experience, accommodation, and various meals and drinks at your disposal.


You can find Komodo cruise ships that match your cruising time. The most familiar ones are weekend and holiday cruise ships.

Weekend cruises let you explore the scary Komodo National Park in the late afternoons. The cruises are best if your weekday schedule is too tight to spare hours for cruising.

Another most conventional cruise type is holiday cruises. They are suitable if you are an international traveler.

Then, you have ample time to relax, taste local delicacies and learn Komodo languages. Most importantly, you will have sufficient time to feel the magical experience of Komodo parks and islands.


The last category of cruises depends on where you are cruising. For example, there are ocean and river cruises.

River cruises are typical for minute local water masses, whereas ocean cruises are for expansive water bodies.

Adventure cruise ships are best for navigating the Komodo islands or revolving the Komodo valleys and hills.


There are various cruises to use around the Komodo islands. The classifications depend on a target destination, price, time, and occasion.

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