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Rock The World With The Best Plectrums Money Can Buy

A true guitarist is nothing without a stylish, dependable and equally affordable plectrum. With tons and tons of different shapes, styles and effects on any given guitar, the market has never been more heavily saturated with choices for the dedicated fan out there.

Taking into account aesthetic looks, comfort, quality deliverance and of course value for money, below are some of the very finest picks the guitar world has to offer.

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#1 D’Addario

Mainly known for their brilliant and elegant work on strings and various other accessories, it's a shame that D'addario's work on their plectrums is in danger of being overlooked by the majority of the guitaring world.

Made from celluloid and carrying all the hallmarks from a family that has dedicated hundreds of years to fine craftsmanship, D'addario is guaranteed a safe choice for most. Carrying a slightly warm sound with it, the price bracket of the item will make for more than a safe investment.

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#2 Dunlop


An absolute juggernaut in the guitaring world, the Dunlop name alone carries the respect of millions of products across the globe. In fact, the Dunlop pick has become so commercially successful over the years that most plectrums are measured against it, and most guitarists in the world will have owned one before.

Producing a clean and neutral sound that avoids all the effects other picks can battle through, it's a perfect middle ground for anyone hoping to avoid having to alter their style or sound.

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#3 Fender

Practically royalty in the guitar world through their introduction of some of the finest and majestic instruments music has ever seen, Fender also boast quite the impressive CV when it comes to musical accessories.

Their celluloid-based picks produce sleek and high quality sounds that give off a light and easy-to-play feeling to anyone listening. Producing a warmer sound to some of their competitors, there is a heritage and elegance that comes from this pick that only the Fender name could really ever bring out.

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#4 Snakepick

Completely revolutionizing and taking back guitarists everywhere when they first the scene, the snakepick is more than just a funky name. Focusing on shifting musicians attention from their pick to their playing, the plectrum holds the finger as well which opens up plenty of new and fresh opportunities for experimentation.

Available in plenty of different sizes, colours, and thickness, there's plenty to make the snakepick one of the best value for money buys out in the market.

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#5 The Strawberry Swiss Roll

As dainty as it is beautiful, there is still plenty in this plectrum to enthrall and entertain any guitarist, regardless of their playing ability. Engraved with a quirky and original design of a swiss roll, this is an accessory that revels in daring to be different. Carved out from wood, this inclusion possesses the ability to really bring out the true sharpness and precision that some artists long for in their pick. Sure to generate plenty of conversation and mark you out, there is a charming originality that makes this plectrum stand out from the rest.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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