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11 Spots To Add To Your German Bucket List

Germany is a wild and stunning country for anyone to visit, no matter what you’re looking for. With some of the richest veins of history anywhere in the world, its culture and gorgeous scenery compliment eachother in a way that can only be described as magical.

We spoke to several leading individuals for their experiences and recommendations on all of the must-see spots that every avid traveller has to check out whilst in Germany.

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#1 Trier

Trier is a beautiful city with an incredibly rich history, located in Germany's Moselle (Mosel) wine region. With an astonishing 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the nickname 'Rome of the North', Trier is a spot every avid traveler has to visit.

But besides its rich history and impressive architecture Trier also has a lot to offer active travelers and wine and food lovers. Try a wine bar, or two, and explore the surrounding area by boat or by bicycle or hike along one of its many hiking trails. And, if you happen to visit Trier around Christmas time, Trier's Christmas market is one of the oldest and arguably nicest Christmas markets in the country!

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#2 Zugspitze


No trip to Germany is complete without seeing the majestic Alps, and there is no better way to see them then a scenic day trip from Munich to Zugspitze, Germany's highest peak. To access the peak you take a regional train, a cogwheel train through a mountain pass, and ride a gondola. At the top of the mountain, you can dine on traditional Bavarian food with a view,cross the German and Austrian border as much as you want, or just enjoy the views.

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#4 Rüdesheim am Rhein

Nestled along the Rhine River, this destination offers incredible views while being a wine lover’s paradise. Take a walk down one of the most famous streets in Germany, the Drosselgasse, and admire the incredible architecture in this quaint town. One of the best ways to experience it is with a Ring Ticket Tour. You’ll enjoy some of the best views of the vineyards from the cable car as you head up to the Niederwald. Wander the trails through the Landscape Park for beautiful lookouts, ruins dating back to the 1700s, and more.

Once you’ve exhausted your feet, take the cable car to Assmanshausen, home to some of the best red wine in the region. This picturesque area of Rüdesheim is worth a trip all on its own! After exploring the cobblestone streets, hop on one of the cruise ships and enjoy the picturesque views from the river as you complete your Rüdesheim tour.

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#5 Wuerzburg

This small city is famed for its vineyards, a rarity in beer-dominant Bavaria. The most famous thing to do in Würzburg is drink wine on its famous Main Bridge, which looks like a smaller replica of Prague's Charles Bridge. Another reason to visit Würzburg is to make the 45-minute trek up to the beautiful Marienberg Fortress, which is both stunning up close as well as offering fantastic views over all of Würzburg's Old Town with its many church spires.

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#6 Stasi Prison

Hard to call something as challenging as this experience a highlight, but it was eye-opening, educational and gritty. To tour the prison, visitors must join a tour and they're offered in English several times each day. There are free exhibits but the nominal entrance fee is worth it for the tour.

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#8 Burghotel auf Schonburg, Rhine Valley

This beautiful area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with dozens of castles, hills covered with vineyards, and charming towns. One of my favorite places to stay in the world is Burghotel auf Schonburg- a beautifully restored castle that dates back over 1,000 years. The castle has been immaculately restored- several rooms include balconies overlooking the Rhine River or surrounding vineyards and one room has a bathroom hidden behind a bookshelf!

You can explore this area by driving from town to town, taking a train, biking along the river, or taking a ferry boat.

Contributor: Mero Geesey from

#9 Berlin

Berlin has become a place of longing for hipsters, artists, fashion people and advertisers. Not only is the city still the center of German history, Berlin breathes freedom. You can feel it in every cafe, in every artist's studio and every rough, real neighborhood. Berlin is by far the most hip place in the country.

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#11 Zombie Hospital

Having visited Germany a couple of times, one of my favorite destinations in the country is the Abandoned Children's Hospital in Berlin. Otherwise known as the Zombie Hospital, the Kinderkrankenhaus-Weißensee is a hidden gem that greatly contrasts the tourist zones of the city.

This century-old facility houses astonishing street art and colorful themed-rooms acting as an appealing attraction for any curious urban explorer. With its unique layout and intriguing history, this hidden gem should be on the bucket list of any avid traveler.

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