Let Your Feet Breathe With The Latest Trends From Vivobarefoot: Primus Lux (Mens) Review

Committed to bringing a revolutionary level of design to stylish shoes that not only look but bring you closer to understanding the true enjoyment of trekking across the many terrains of the world, Vivobarefoot are all about the stories and experiences that are shaped from the journeys we make. Boasting some of the most ingenious and original designs that are unlike anything ever seen in the shoe market before, below are some of the very finest designs in sustaining a healthy, adventurous or just enjoyable sort of lifestyle.

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Promising to be a breath of fresh air in the increasingly vibrant world of footwear, the Primus Lux is, to be blunt for the only time in this review, as revolutionary and original as it is exceptionally stylish. Well and truly supplying the freedom for your all-terrain conquering attitude, whatever your need of the Primus, it promises to deliver to the most optimal standards. Throw in a plethora of benefits to the environment and  our worldwide collective efforts for sustainability, not only do you guarantee a shoe that boasts being ahead of the trends, but also a shoe that helps everyone win.

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With this particular style available in two different colours (indigo and natural) there is, right off the bat, plenty of versatility in getting the look that suits you down to a tee. The distinctively wide toe cap might be unorthodox, but it does a splendid job in complimenting your foot’s natural shape and gives it all the room it needs to breathe. The texture of the shoe’s colouring not only blends together remarkably well, but is ensured to better anything from the high street chains. Striking with an obvious classness to the whole design, it is the perfect compliment to any outfit, no matter the occasion.

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The Primus Lux is designed to stand out from any other shoe out in the market at the moment and, for the most part, it is largely successful in doing so. The thin yet strong materials that make up the shoe are individual to the Vivobarefoot company and allow for some of the most natural-feeling movements of any footwear available to you. With the minimalist and innovative combinations in its design coming together in the Primus, they provide any wearer with one of the most unique experiences  they are likely to have in a while.

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With no heel or support to speak of, the Primus Lux truly does give the wearer some of the most optimal sensory feedback as promised by the company. The shoe slips on and off rather seamlessly and, whatever the duration that it remains on your foot, continues to be a comfortable and easy fit. The airy and spacious feel to the shoe does allow for maximum comfort across any level of either commuting or adventuring, no matter the obstacle in front of you.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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