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7 Must-Have Items Every Budding Photographer Should Own

Getting that winning shot can be what makes or breaks a photographer’s day, but ensuring that you hit that shot consistently enough can prove to be a challenge. Ensembled below is a collection of expert picked must-have items that every photographer needs to be at their best each and every time.

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#1 The Kwilt Shoebox

Even when you're away from home, you're never far from backing up your photos, with the Kwilt Shoebox. This small device turns your own USB drive into cloud storage, letting you upload from anywhere in the world via your personal WiFi network.

Stored files can easily be displayed on your devices, just like normal cloud storage. As an added bonus, you'll never run out of room because you can just add more of your own drives. And, there are no monthly fees! 

Contributor: Eva Bowen from

#2 Gold/Silver Reflector

The item I would suggest is a gold/silver reflector. I use one that folds up like a protector for a car dashboard. The reflector can be held by an assistant or mounted to a stand. I like positioning the reflector to bounce light into my subjects face, it adds warmth to skin tones.

Contributor: Holly Peterson from

#3 50mm f1.8 Lens (And Tripod)

With these two fairly inexpensive items you can get high-quality pictures. The f1.8 lens gives you that dreamy bokeh (dreamlike blurring background behind the subject) and a natural looking image for portrait style shots. The lens has a small profile so its great for the run and gun photographer as well. Add the tripod to the mix and you can get stunning landscapes with sharp photos eliminating all camera shake.

Contributor: Josh Filmore from

#5 Evo GoCam

Evo GoCam is stored in a phone case (slides in and out) and can stick anywhere using micro-suction backing (no residue) for hands-free selfies and videos... Plus, Evo GoCam’s 5MP camera with 1080p video has a range of 150 ft and has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for live streaming.

It solves the problem of selfie arm/sticks and/or one person missing out on a group photo as well as getting cool angles for action sports shots.

Contributor: Lisa Bernstein from

#6 Photography Fundamentals

While it may sound hokey, the most important thing a budding photographer needs is a solid grasp of photography fundamentals. High-end equipment does you no good if you don't know what to do with it. There are free courses and many communities have courses that you can attend if you need face to face. When I began, I sought out a mentor. Point being, there are many ways to get an education but that is what you need first.

Contributor: Michael E. Allen from

#7 Enlight Photofox

This photo editing app is designed especially for photographers looking to get into more artistic photography. It’s the next generation of Enlight, Apple Design Award Winner, 2017. This app has every adjustment tool you'll need for standard post-processing and tons of artistic tools that are typically only available on desktop software - all on mobile. No complicated tools or learning curve necessary and it’s free-to-download, with the option to purchase further features.

Contributor: Daphne Kasriel-Alexander from

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