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15 Creative Wedding Picture Ideas to Try in 2020

When looking for new wedding picture ideas, you can literally get lost in the abundance of ideas on Pinterest and poses that are not easy to recreate. These 15 wedding day picture ideas have been selected to make the task for an amateur wedding photographer and a couple easier. Most of them come with additional advice so that photoshoot will bring even more original and unusual shots.

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1. The Bride and the Veil

This is one of the wedding pic ideas that can give you a lot of tender and classic wedding photos of the bride. The trick here is how you work with the focus of the lens.

Except for standard portrait photos, you can focus on different things, like an engagement ring that a bride can show through the veil. How about using the veil as the only item of clothing and taking the shot against a bright light source?

Placing some other people under the veil is another original idea to get an unusual shot. These can be small kids, pets, and, of course, the groom.

2. Photograph the Generations

The main idea of this photo is showing different generations present in the couple’s life. You can take a full-length photo or focus attention on different details.

For example, take a photograph of the hands with wedding rings next to each other or shoot your models’ favorite accessories.

You don’t have to stop at photographing just the bride with her mother and grandmother or the groom with his father. Why not gather them all in one shot? You can either get them to stand in couples or have men on one side and women on the other.

3. The Groom and His Best Men

Superhero groomsmen! | The Wedding Scoop Spotlight: Grooms and Groomsmen Style Trends

You can go as crazy when photographing the groom and his friends as you want. You can take several shots of the groom before he leaves and assign the role of getting him ready for the day to each of the best men. One can tie his shoe laces, the other can fix his hair.

Don’t forget about the details and hobbies of the group. Spice it up with some humor too! You can, for example, line them up and photograph their socks, which can be matching, colorful or even have fun prints on them.

You can also have a photo shoot dressed as superheroes. It will look extraordinary. Try to find as many such details as possible.

4. The Wedding Bouquet

The bouquet is the bride’s special accessory. It makes sense to take these photos against the solid-color background to make the bride and her flowers really stand out.

In terms of poses, you can experiment as much as you want. Ask the bride to hold her bouquet to face the camera, look at the flowers or away from them. Photos taken with a window or some light source as a background will look quite original, as you can take silhouette photographs.

Please mind that you will need to be very careful while retouching the bride’s face not to spoil the whole photo. You can try and do it on your own or hire professionals from a wedding photo retouching service.

5. First Touch and Reading Letters

You wanna see your soulmate in tears? This is a bulletproof way to make them cry rivers! Amazing photos of a sweet, intimate letter reading between the bride & groom before the wedding 💍 by @jennblackburnphoto

Just before the wedding ceremony, the lovebirds will often want to see each other while they are still a bride and a groom. However, since it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, you can be inventive and use a sort of a divider like a wall or a door.

You will get the sincerest emotions when they read the letters with each other’s declarations of love or when they have a chance to hold each other’s hands.

6. Before She Says ‘I Do’

pιnтereѕт • Whaaaale

This photograph is high on the list of wedding pics ideas, actually, a must-have. The moment when the bride is walking towards the altar or is standing right in front of the groom and all the guests are following each of her movements.

You can take full-length photos by standing closer to the altar or capture just the bride’s face. Don’t forget to take the photograph of the groom when he is watching his future wife approaching.

A few close-up shots of the guests can also look interesting.

7. Right after the Ceremony

Truly one of the most emotional moments in the lives of two young people is when they exit the ceremony hall to join their families. Flying confetti, happy faces of the guests and the couple will give you dynamic and memorable shots.

To make it even more original, ask everyone to jump together or hug each other and capture that.

8. Flying Bouquet

Leave a note on the bouquet before tossing it! "To the lady who caught my bouquet, I wish you extraordinary happiness ... blah blah blah Thank you for being a part of my very dream come true. Your Bride,..."

The moment the bride throws her bouquet is full of her emotions but also the emotions of everyone behind her. This moment will be remembered after the ceremony and will give you a great shot, no doubt about that. It is also important to make sure that the bride is in focus, not her background.

To capture the exact moment when the bouquet is in the air, you need to know the exact settings for your camera. Read more useful wedding photography tips to get it from the first try.

9. Together with the Bridesmaids

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These girls mean a lot to the bride. Perhaps, they helped her meet her future husband. So, you just cannot ignore a picture with all of them together.

There are plenty of cute wedding picture ideas with the bridesmaids. Ladies, for example, can simply gather in some picturesque spot or look at the engagement ring or a dress.

To make the images look less formal, take the photos when the bride is getting ready for the ceremony, photos of them all together in their pajamas or when they are doing their make-up.

10. The First Dance

This is a classic wedding photo. The main accent should be placed on the newlyweds, of course. Don’t only use traditional angles, try photographing from almost the floor level or get a bit higher.

Don’t forget about the guests, try and get them in the shot to capture their emotions.

11. Bride in the Air

YouTube Stars, Savannah Soutas + Cole LaBrant's Wedding | Photography: Valorie Darling #weddingphotography

The bride’s dress will look good when it flows in different directions. Take advantage of all the groom’s friends and ask them to toss the bride up in the air.

You will get spectacular shots! How about tossing the groom?

12. Against Sky Lanterns Background

Weeding and Balloons

It’s a great opportunity for the whole group of family and friends to join and launch some sky lanterns and make their wishes. When in the air, they will create a very original backdrop for photos.

However, this kind of photoshoot must take place in the evening, to have a more contrasting light. Either you also can capture some unrealistic moments while simply eloped.

Additionally, you can use sparklers or garlands with small bulbs. This will let you continue the photoshoot even when the sky lanterns are gone.

13. With Kids and Petals

At any wedding ceremony, you will find cute children in their “adult” suits and dresses. You will get amazing photos with them if you, for example, let them throw rose petals at the newlyweds or simply ask them all to play together.

14. In a Stunningly Picturesque Spot


By getting outside the city, you can have an exciting photoshoot for a couple and realize your creative wedding pics ideas. There are tons of wedding photo poses that you can use.

Starting from kisses or looking in the eyes, and ending with a walk on the beach or in the forest.

To make the photos even more mesmerizing, take some images against the setting sun, you will get amazing silhouette images. Even rain can add something extra to an image.

Think about raindrops in macro shots of the couple’s hands or wedding rings. Bright umbrellas will liven up the gloomy day.

15. Rooftop Photoshoot

Rooftop glamorous Engagement Photos. Romantic wedding photos - Lisa Hufford Photography

If you cannot get outside the city on the wedding day, a great alternative to boring photos will be the photoshoot on the roof. The evening is the best time for this, and not only because of the cinematic sunset.

You will also be able to capture the lights of the nighttime city, which will make photos more original.

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