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Pet Life: 10 Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy

For any pet owner, the wellbeing and happiness of their beloved friend should be nothing short of absolute and vital. Below are ten of the best stories and tips from cat owners for ensuring your cat’s total happiness.

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#1 Regular Health Checks

Uma (Tina Podmazina's cat) is very healthy and we visit animal doctors to check whether she is still doing okay. When I got this kitty, she had problems with her teeth and one ear, what's more, she was oversized. Now, she is completely healthy and slim. I feed her only with premium food for cats.

Contributor: Tina Podmazina from

#2 Accessories

I got a cozy winter house for Uma (Tina Podmazina's cat), she also enjoys her winter clothes and a rug that I leave to her while I go to the office, she sleeps in this plaid. Uma also has some sort of scratching stuff, but doesn't use them, instead, she enjoys scratching our carpet. We don't pay attention to that as the carpet is not new and we let her do what she wants.

Contributor: Tina Podmazina from

#3 Freedom

Though we don't let [our cat] out as she is a typical house cat who is afraid of other animals, she travels in her little house or in my car. In the flat, she is allowed to go anywhere she wants and do what she wants. Uma (Tina Podmazina's cat) treats our living environment respectfully, though she likes to eat wallpapers sometimes, I don't allow her to do it, as the glue on them may be toxic.

Contributor: Tina Podmazina from

#4 Communication

Sphinxes, in particular, are very communicative cats. They like when you speak with them, they always want someone nearby. Uma (Tina Podamazina's cat) waits for me near the bathroom door every time I go to take a shower, and she greets me when I come home from the office. I talk to her, tell her that she is the most lovely cat, and she is always with me too.

Contributor: Tina Podmazina from

#5 Breathwork

Conscious connected breathwork is connecting your inhale to your exhale with no pause in between a circular breath so that eventually your breath begins to breathe you. I do breathwork with my girls (Gracie & Stella) and they love it.

My girls do not go to the vet often they are healthy, their hearts are healthy and I believe they are happier because of the Breathwork we do together.

Contributor: Kathleen Booker from

#6 Hygiene

Keep the litter box clean: Not doing so can cause behavioral issues (such as “going” on the floor … which also causes cleaning issues that can become uncontrollable) and even health issues with your kitty. Scoop every day and thoroughly clean once a week.

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#8 Love and Attention

Some owners tend to think that cats are self-sufficient, and therefore, do not need attention. However, domestic cats need love and relationships just like dogs and people. Spend at least 15 minutes every day to intentionally play with them, pet them and talk to them.

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#9 Stay In The Loop

Know your cat: Monitor him/her often and consult with a trusted veterinarian if any unusual symptoms arise. Health problems are usually easier to take care of once detected rather than later. Their bodies are a lot like humans, and they should receive the same level of healthcare to best ensure a healthy, happy life.

Contributor: April Timko from


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