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Shopping: Why In-Store Shopping Is Still Superior

In a world filled to the brim with technological platforms catered towards consumers, it’s unsurprising that many people have forecasted the end of high street retailers. The reality, however, is that in-store shopping still has an abundance of fans who will continue to remind you of all the reasons why it is actually the best means of shopping available to you.

We spoke to several leading experts hoping to get their insights into why in-store shopping really is still the best.

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#1 Deals And Sales

With more online competition than ever, many retailers are offering exclusive in store incentives to encourage shoppers to purchase in store. Whether it’s through in store sales, coupons and deals available through third parties (like the RetailMeNot app) or gifts with purchase, there’s actually a potential value in shopping in store!

Contributor: Sara Skirboll from retail me not 

#2 In-Store Associates

Knowledgeable sales associates can explain the product's details in one single interaction. Employees also provide personalized recommendations for customers, providing an opportunity to increase basket total. There is a reason why brands are eager to add digital sales associates to their e-commerce sites.

Contributor: Steven Losco from runway court of opinion

#3 Fitting Opportunities

Shoppers usually can't try on clothing before they shop online in a new store unless they subscribe to a service. Additionally, by trying it on it improves sales conversions, with research showing that after trying on the items, there is a 70% chance of the customer purchasing the item.

Contributor: Steven Losco from runway court of opinion

#4 Returning Unfit Products

Online shopping is much harder with clothes, fragile items, and items that may need to be returned or exchanged, like gifts. I like to see and feel the material, try it on and see how it fits, etc., even for the kids. Sizing is not reliable and it's hard to determine quality through a picture online. It's often difficult to return items purchased online, especially if you have to pay for shipping to return it, insure it, package it up, take it to the post office or a delivery company, etc. What a hassle!

Contributor: Amanda Ponzar from health charities

#6 Progression Into An Experience

Today’s progressive retailer and brands have made in-store shopping more of an experience than a transaction. While online shopping may be transactionally convenient, there is still a lot to be said for seeing, touching and trying on a suit or sofa. Need to buy a mattress? You can order one online, or you can visit Casper’s Dreamery in NYC an take an actual nap on one before you buy. That’s experience.

Contributor:  Jim Cusson, President at theory house

#7 Enjoying The Browse

I love going in the shops, because there are hundreds of new titles to choose from every week! I love being surrounded by all the amazing art, and getting to look through the new titles.

And because individual comic books are so cheap (cost of comics is generally cheaper than the minimum online shipping charge), the price can't be beat online.

Contributor: Michael from michael freeby and michael freeby photography

#8 Firsthand Viewing

Yes, we have an online store but it's not enabled by design. Instead we pitch, "why spend your value time scouring pages of internet images that don't accurately depict the size and quality of a product." Nothing replaces seeing it firsthand. Many things look the same on line, then when you touch it so see the difference between products.

Despite measurements, many folks don't read that part and make assumptions about size based on the photos on the screen. Monitor colors can look different. For apparel the body type of the model might not reflect your body measurements.

Contributor: Olivia Scott from promotional partners inc

#9 Shipping Fees

While two-day, free shipping is starting to become the norm for retailers such as Amazon or Walmart most smaller retailers charge around $8 for standard shipping. This can lead to a lot of wasted cash if consumers plan to make multiple purchases over a short amount of time.

In addition, many retailers will make shoppers pay for shipping if they want to return an item, meaning they will spend an average of $16 on an item they don't even want. But if they head to the actual store, consumers can save themselves money on shipping and they'll know immediately whether it's something they want to keep or not.

Contributor: Sarah Hollenbeck from black friday

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Written by James Metcalfe

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