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11 Great Gift Ideas For Video Gamers

Know a friend or family member who is absolutely obsessed with the wonderful world of video gaming?

The video gaming world is one of the best avenues to turn to when thinking about a gift idea for the fast approaching holiday season. With so much ingenuity and technology on display, you should have no problem finding the perfect gift that appeals to someone’s love for the gaming world, whilst also providing a little bit of a ‘wow’ factor.

We spoke to several leading experts right across the field, getting their insights into some of the best gift ideas around right now.

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#1 Astro Gaming Headsets

Whether you own a console or gaming PC, the one thing every avid gamer needs is a good headset. Aside from the option to communicate with teammates, a high-quality headset will allow you to hear more subtle in-game sounds, such as footsteps. This can give you a huge advantage in competitive shooting games like Fortnite and Call of Duty, while also providing a more immersive experience overall.

When it comes to gaming headsets, you can’t go wrong with the Astro brand. These headsets are used by many professional gamers, and are available for every console, including PC.

Contributor: Doug Brennan from

#2 Viotek Monitors

Dominate the game and sweep the leaderboards with the Viotek GN27D 27-inch curved gaming monitor. Make the most of any gaming rig with features like 144hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync for fluid gameplay free from ghosting or tearing. See games the way they were meant with 1440 QHD resolution and color-rich VA panels capturing 16.7 million colors with 1,000,000:1 DCR. And with recent Xbox updates, a Viotek gaming panel can bring console games to life in a way most TVs can’t.

Contributor: Don Stefanovich, PR & Communications Director

#5 Fortnite Socks

Low Cut socks feature phrasing which reads 'Do Not Disturb, I'm Playing Fortnite'. Adorable, well made and quite unique. The Anti-slip non skid rubber words on the bottom are great for people with hard wood floors.

It is funny and best for the avid Fortnite Game Lovers.

Contributor: Gilbert Zhang from

#6 Mom In The Mail

What is better than homemade baked treats for the avid gamer? For those that will not leave their controls, a box of cookies from MOM IN THE MAIL is the perfect gift. Sustenance delivered and no need to get leave the game - except maybe for a glass of milk?

Mom in the Mail is a mail order cookie business that was started by award-winning baker Sharon Graves when her oldest child went to college!

Contributor: Shari Mesulam from

#7 MYGT Bluetooth Controller

The MYGT Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller is a great, versatile controller that can be used for various gaming experiences. This controller can be used for not only computers game, but smartphones! This is a great option for mobile gamers that want that traditional controller feel.

Contributor: Alvin Garcia from

#8 Artful Design – GE Wang

Artful Design: Technology in Search of the Sublime is the ultimate guide to design, art, tech and the engineering world, and focuses on game design, including video games.

A 400+ page photo comic book with all the musings and connective tissue of a true genius’ brain. The author is Ge Wang, a Stanford Professor of Engineering and Music, has his own TED Talk his own musical programming language and directs the Stanford laptop orchestra, profiled on Wired.

Contributor: GE Wang from

#9 DXRacer Valkyrie Series

Considering all the time a gamer can spend sitting in front of his computer his console enjoying his favourite games, a chair is definitely a key component to his well-being.

The DXRacer Valkyrie series is one of the best gamers’ chairs and comes with 3D adjustable armrests but also with additional head and back support pillows. Its ergonomic design will not only allow the gamers to enjoy playing but help with their back and comfort.

Contributor: Rim from

#10 AlignMed Posture Shirt

Alignmed is the gold-standard in Posture apparel, and makes a Posture Shirt that’s clinically proven with research results published in the journal JOSE (The International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics), that proves computer users are far more productive and far less fatigued when wearing the Alignmed Posture Shirt while working on tech products.

This makes the ultimate gift for gamers who spend tremendous amounts of time in front of computer screens. So many who suffer classic trapezius pains, and back spine pains due to overuse of tech. We are in the throws of working with gaming companies on special products for their users.

Contributor: Don Klosterman from

#11 USB Fridges

Every gamer knows that when it's time for a marathon or play-through of a favorite game, having some snacks and drinks nearby can truly elevate the overall gaming experience. However, there is nothing worse than grabbing an ice-cold can of your favorite soda , only to then forget about your drink during an intense match or level, leaving your drink disgustingly warm later on.

USB drink coolers are mini USB-powered fridges that can keep a single can of pop or other beverage cold during gaming sessions. USB fridges only need a USB port to receive power, and they can help keep beverages cold and delicious so gamers never have to worry about their drinks becoming warm. These coolers are fairly inexpensive, easy to use, and make a great single gift for gamers or even stocking-stuffer item.

Contributor: Tom B. from

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