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The Ultimate Italian Bucket List For Sightseers

Perhaps the only thing that can compete with Italy’s renowned love of food and its more than prevalent culture is its jaw-droppingly beautiful spots of scenery. From corner to corner, this is a country of immense beauty.

We spoke to several leading individuals, both in and out the country, for their input on some of the must-see spots for any sightseers looking to escape to some of the most picturesque spots in the entire world

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#1 Castello Di Ristonchi

Make your own pizza in a stone oven built right into the ancient castle walls! The crew at Ristonchi Castle in Tuscany, Italy sets out handmade dough and an impressive spread of fresh local toppings so you can make the pizzas of your dreams. Guests learn how to roll and throw their dough and slide it into the wood fired oven themselves.. (There are no failures only calzones!)

It's a fantastic night for groups large and small to get together and enjoy amazing food and stunning views of the valley below - all while in a medieval castle!

Contributor: Stefanie from

#2 The Torre Grassa


Of course everyone has heard of Tuscany. There is a beautiful small town there, called San Gimignano. It gets quite a few visitors but while everyone is buying gelato and shopping you should go straight to the Torre Grossa (literally means tall tower) it was built in 1310, so it is a little bit game of thrones and the reward amps up when you finish climbing the tower. The views over the Tuscan landscape are breathtaking. You deserve that gelato after that!

Contributor: Patricia Hajifotiou from

#3 The Amalfi Coast

I just recently got back from Italy, where I stayed 5 days in Rome and 6 days in Amalfi Coast area. One must drive through the entire Amalfi Coast. The area is stunning, as it sits high above cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Stop to relax and drink some Lemoncello and mingle with locals. Amalfi coast drive is absolutely gorgeous and is a must do when traveling to that part of Italy.

Contributor: Russell Volk from

#4 The Val d’Orcia

The Val d’Orcia region of Southern Tuscany is full of tiny hill towns, wineries, olive groves, and chalk walking trails that make for a wonderful day of sightseeing on foot. You can hike between most of the towns via the region’s system of trails — stop by your local market and pick up some fruit, bread, cheese (pecorino is the local specialty), and a little bit of wine for a picnic along the way.

Contributor: Lauren de Wet at @the.dewets on Instagram

#5 The Civita di Bagnoregio

Without fail, you need to include a visit to Civita di Bagnoregio. It's a hilltop village in central Italy only accessed via a pedestrian bridge from Bagnoregio village. The Porta Santa Maria gateway was built by the Etruscans. Founded in the 7th century, the Romanesque San Donato Church sits in the main square. Nearby is the Geological and Landslides Museum, whose exhibits document projects to shore up the village's eroding hillside.

I'm from this region and this city in one of a kind. It's amazing!

Contributor: Guiomar Barbi Ochoa from

#6 Triora

Triora is a small town in Liguria, a region in northwest Italy. In 1587 - 1589, a group of women were accused of being witches and burned alive here. It's been compared to Salem in the US. Visitors will notice information all around town about witches, and they hold a witchcraft festival in the summer.

Contributor: Sara Baer-Sinnott, President from

#7 Bagno Vignoni’s Pools

Adler Thermae, the innovative Tuscan spa resort fed by Bagno Vignoni's thermal pools, is set in the midst of Val D'Orcia, a popular cycling area that the New York Times called arguably the prettiest pocket of Tuscany. With its gently undulating hills punctuated by dramatic rows of Cypress trees and medieval hilltop towns, the Val D'Orcia has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site and was the backdrop for films such as The English Patient, Stealing Beauty and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Contributor: Morano Public Relations from

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