Top 10 Ideal Foods on a Perfect Summer’s Day

Almost 8 million Brits will head to the pub this weekend. More than one in ten skip work in warmer weather

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As Britain prepares to bask in the Saharan bubble heatwave this weekend, an eye-watering 31 MILLION pints of beer will be drunk in local pubs and beer gardens. With almost a third (32%) of Brits enjoying sitting in their local during the summer months, UK pub-goers plan to drink four beers on their perfect summer’s day.

With 7.8 million Brits heading to the pub this weekend, Greene King, the UK’s leading managed pub company and brewer, has found the nation’s ideal formula for a sunny day.

With the summer session kicking off at 13:50pm, Brits are choosing early afternoon to begin quenching their thirst.

Spending on average three and a half hours in the pub and ideally surrounded by six friends/ family, two-fifths of the nation would choose a salad (40%) to accompany their drink, over the nation’s favourite pub classic, fish and chips (21%).

Brits Top 10 Ideal Foods on a Perfect Summer’s Day:

    1. BBQ (41%)

    2. Salad (40%)

    3. Ice Cream (35%)

    4. Fruit (28%)

    5. Snacks (Crisps, Chocolate, Nuts etc.) (22%)

    6. Fish and Chips (21%)

    7. Burger and Chips (16%)

    8. A Vegetarian Dish (9%)

    9. Lasagne (8%)

    10. A Vegan Dish (5%)

With temperatures predicted to reach more than 30 degrees Celsius over the weekend, this is a little hotter than Brits would like. The survey found that Brits ideal temperature is a more manageable 24 degrees Celsius, with almost a quarter (24%) admitting to being grumpy as they don’t like the heat.

For those who can’t wait to embrace the sunshine, over a third of Brits (34%) let loose when it’s sunny, whilst over a quarter (26%) feel sexier in the sun.

Phil Thomas, Chief commercial officer for Greene King, which has more than 1,000 pubs with beer gardens across the UK, said: It’s clear from the research that the warmer weather lifts Brits’ moods, and the beer garden is a top spot for the nation to make the most of the sunshine. 

“With such great weather on the horizon, we’re expecting this to be a very busy weekend, especially after the last few weeks of wet weather. So we’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure we’re prepared and ready to give the best beer garden experience during this weekend’s great weather.”

As the UK sets its sights on summer at last, bosses beware, as over a third (37%) of Brits are less productive at work during the summer months, whilst more than one in ten (14%) are planning on topping up their tan and skipping work, with male employees worse than women at skiving in the sunshine (18% vs 10%).

Greene King has over 1,700 pubs across the country; over 1,000 of which have large beer gardens. To find your nearest beer garden visit:

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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