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The 7 Most Hilarious Comedy Podcasts

Grab the headphones, get comfortable and prepare to have a laugh.

Laughter heals, right? Not only that, but they say it might actually help you live longer. Although there’s no guarantee on the later, the former is definitively true. How I am so sure? Well, I’ve never had a good day without it for starters.

In any situation life throws at us there’s almost always a sliver of fun to be had, no matter how hard it is, and finding the hilarious side of everything is a comedian’s job. Comedians put their amazingly playful narrative abilities to the service of our funny bone so we can have a blast. The best part is, you don’t even have to go to their show, because they got their own podcasts now, and here are the best of them.

#1 Hello From The Magic Tavern

The Hello from the Magic Tavern Content recommended by Nate DuFort.

The most original of improvised comedy podcast premises is also the most inviting. Magic Tavern has found a format that works, blending rich world building with hilarious guest interplay, in a show that everyone can find something to love.

Check it out

#2 Mega

The Mega Content recommended by Nate DuFort.

The characters on Mega are unique, genuine and always good for a laugh. One of my favorite shows in recent years.

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#3 Supergroup Podcast From Earwolf

The Supergroup Podcast from Earwolf Content recommended by Nate DuFort.

Supergroup finds the perfect balance of humor and creative insight as hosts Tawny and Alex craft killer songs with their guests.

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#4 Hollywood Babble On

The Hollywood Babble On Content recommended by Alberto Navarrete.

Hollywood babble on is a funny podcast that follows a formula. They always keep it fresh and Kevin Smith may not be a great director but the man can tell a story.

Check it out

#5 Awkward Sex And The City

The Awkward Sex And The City Content recommended by Heidi Vanderlee.

Awkward Sex and the City with Natalie Wall is a spinoff of the hit storytelling show that’s toured the country and charmed audiences nationwide. Each week, Natalie gets extremely personal with a guest and the result is often as heartwarming as it is a celebration of the inherent weirdness of sex.

Check it out

#6 Let’S Get Civical

The Let's Get Civical Content recommended by Heidi Vanderlee.

Let’s Get Civical is the podcast that introduces you to basic topics of American politics and government, but in a fun, accessible way! My Favorite Murder meets Pod Save America, so the next time you want to have friends over to watch the 2020 Presidential debates, you’ll be hella prepared.

Check it out

#7 Watch What Crappens

The Watch What Crappens Content recommended by Ben Mandelker.

Watch What Crappens is the hit podcast from Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam that lovingly throws shade and delivers consistently good-natured but snarky commentary about Bravo TV. The podcast, which now attracts 1.7 million plus listeners, lampoons the weekly happenings and delicious drama of Bravo-lebrities.

This funny and brash podcast has racked up nominations for Best Podcast by LA Weekly and earned praise from Mental Floss, which called it laugh-out-loud in its list of 19 TV Podcasts You Need to Hear.

Buzzfeed called Crappens one of the most influential Housewives podcasts. Crappens is usually found in the Top Ten iTunes podcasts in the TV/Film genre, and the Top 100 overall. You can also find the Crappens duo live on tour, which is selling our throughout the US and Canada.

Check it out

The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Nate DuFort from My Neighbors Are Dead Podcast

Alberto Navarrete from Emily’s Maids

Heidi Vanderlee from Shark Party Media

Ben Mandelker

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz


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  1. Watch What Crappens is my favorite podcast. Ben and Ronnie are hilarious with lightning fast wit and improv and crazy tangents and impersonations. Their separate impressions of Dorit alone amaze me. They include all the Housewives franchises, along with Southern Charm, Top Chef, Summer House and soon… a bonus GOT version! Can’t wait. Added to all of this, Ben and Ronnie are super sweet in person at live shows. They are handsome, grateful, kind, brilliant, snarky fun people. Sign up on Patreon for bonus episodes you will not want to miss as a plus.

  2. I’ve been listening for a long time Hello From The Magic Tavern. I like the presentation and soul of each story. When I go on public transport or just walk through the park, I am always happy to hear funny stories from the life of the authors.

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