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The 17 Best Technology Blogs

Stay on top of the latest technological developments out there.

Every week there’s a new gadget out there. Fact. And every day there are hardworking engineers and scientists figuring out new things that can entertain you or help you out with whatever chore you need to get done easily.

Technology is growing so fast that it seems that keeping up with all of the innovations that come out every single month is an impossible task. Fear not you gearheads and tech-minded people, there are blogs that keep track of these things, and here we present you with the best of them

#1 Recode Decode

The Recode Decode Content recommended by Cody Swann.

Recode Decode is a no-fluff, straightforward and objective look at the tech world. The content is on point and the guests are relevant and knowledgeable.

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#2 Exponential View

The Exponential View Content recommended by Mark Vernooij.

A weekly dose of short and well curated insights on the future, technology and society. I especially value the way Azeem Azar breaks down important news items and research into key takeaways with clear links for if you want to dive deeper.

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#3 Futurism

The Futurism Content recommended by Mark Vernooij.

A daily easy-to-digest set of news items on technology. I especially value the volume of insights that Futurism is able to generate each week.

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#4 Mit Technology Review

The MIT Technology Review Content recommended by Mark Vernooij.

A daily set of insights in what’s happening in tech around the world. I especially value how each newsletter is closed with Ten fascinating things: little tidbits of facts that you can bring into that nights’ dinner conversation.

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#5 Fisher Unitech Blog

The Fisher Unitech Blog Content recommended by Jackie Tihanyi.

The Fisher Unitech blog provides updates in the 3D printing industry, tips from our experts, and information on the latest technology.

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#6 Techrepublic

The TechRepublic Content recommended by Bob Herman.

TechRepublic covers a diverse spectrum of technology, offering something for everyone. The articles are well-written and informative.

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#7 G2 Crowd’S Learning Hub

The G2 Crowd's Learning Hub Content recommended by Alan Santillan.

G2 Crowd’s Learning Hub is one of the best technology blogs to follow at the moment. With coverage from anything on the latest progress in Voice Assistant Technology to something as simple as What is CSS, we provide updates to a wide audience that spans over 1 million unique visitors. Our unique perspectives that come from hosting hundreds of thousands of reviews and software products help us provide a different kind of approach to writing about technology.

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#8 Fueled

The Fueled Content recommended by Shiwon Oh.

As a digital consultancy, Fueled naturally keeps their blog polished with weekly app reviews, in-depth app development guides, and other nifty pieces related to tech. Much of their content carries a slightly sarcastic, yet extremely reader-friendly voice, allowing anyone to learn about concepts like developing a feature set, figuring out how much amoney an app can make, and defining what a wireframe can be.

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#9 The Blog Genie

The The Blog Genie Content recommended by Kim Scotland.

It’s a tech blog focused on helping mum bloggers and women who run their own businesses with WordPress, so they can focus on their blogs/businesses.

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#10 Coding Sans Blog

The Coding Sans Blog Content recommended by Tamas Torok.

You can find actionable content on web development and cross-platform mobile app development. The blog also has a section dedicated to tech leaders helping them build better, more effective developer teams. They also publish the State of Software Development report, uncovering exciting data about technology and managing developer teams.

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#11 Cleverfiles

The CleverFiles Content recommended by Lucia.

Even though the main focus of the blog is data recovery, there are plenty of tech-related articles, various software, and hardware reviews. They also have great Windows and Mac tips & troubleshooting rubric with handy step-by-step guides for both beginners and PROs. Their blog is easy to navigate. All guides are beautifully structured, visual, and address almost any issue you might encounter with your operating system.

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#12 Techliance Blog

The Techliance Blog Content recommended by Salman Saleem.

Techliance Blog provides updates about latest trends in Software Development. It mainly covers Mobile Development, Web Development and related aspects in Digital Technology.

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#13 Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner Content recommended by Chevy Cloward.

As the name implies, this blog focuses more on the current trends in social media. The blog is great for both beginning and experienced social media marketers and also has many resources for additional study. A podcast is also available with short 20 minute segments.

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#14 Tech Crunch

The Tech Crunch Content recommended by Chevy Cloward.

This blog is geared more towards “techies” with intermediate to advanced knowledge and skills in technology. This blog covers a wide range of technology topics as well as discuss new app and product launches.

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#15 Gizmodo

The GizModo Content recommended by Chevy Cloward.

I love this blog because of its light-hearted humor and laid back style. This blog puts an interesting and fun spin on technology, a field that is often complex and fast-moving.

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#16 How To Geek

The How to Geek Content recommended by Chevy Cloward.

This is a great blog that I turn to get advice on how to carry out a process that I’m not familiar with. This is also another blog that is great for “techie” of all knowledge and experience levels.

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#17 Cnet

The CNet Content recommended by Chevy Cloward.

This blog features news, product reviews, videos and how to’s on all things tech. It doesn’t have the humor of GizModo, but it has a laid-back, casual magazine feel. It also has dedicated sections on smart home and car technologies, which makes technology seem cool and interesting.

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The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Cody Swann from Gunner Technology

Mark Vernooij from THNK

Jackie Tihanyi from Fisher Unitech

Bob Herman from IT Tropolis

Alan Santillan from G2 Crowd

Shiwon Oh from Fueled

Kim Scotland from The Blog Genie

Tamas Torok from I am Tamas

Lucia from Disk Drill

Salman Saleem from Techliance

Chevy Cloward from SEO

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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