Blogging Worlds: 8 Biggest Misconceptions About Blogging

The world of blogging is one of the few places in this world where passion can potentially meet career and produce some of the greatest creative pieces for authors and readers alike to sit back and enjoy. However, that is not to say that this new technological platform is without its misconceptions and pre-judgements. Here to guide you through some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding bloggers and their world are some of the most well placed individuals around.

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#1 ‘Thought Leadership’

The biggest misconception I see in blogging is that you have to always extend thought leadership on a particular subject area. Readers need variety to stay engaged. As such, it's ideal to have a mix of blogs that are informational, inspirational, personal, and promotional. Targeting this mix also makes it easier to come up with original blogs posts on a consistent basis. It's a win-win for writer and reader!

Contributor: Charlene from charleneignites

#2 Creativity Runs Dry

This was my biggest fear when I started my blog in April 2018. I knew I already had a few great topics in my head but was afraid once I created and published those I would be at a loss for new topics and my blog would fail.

It is amazing but when you start a blog you become more observant of your surroundings and you will soon create topics out of thin air. Knock on wood, so far the creative well is full and I have topics and posts I have scheduled out now more than 6 months out.

Contributor: Xrayvsn at xrayvsn

#3 Bloggers Are Journalists

I think there is a common misconception that bloggers are journalists. It bothers me a lot as such comparison lowers the status of journalists who actually do study journalism and do take degrees to specialize on that. Meanwhile, anybody can claim to be a blogger nowadays. I don’t mean to lower of the status of bloggers either who do amazing work but there should be clearer borders between the work of journalists and bloggers.

Contributor: Omar Oualili from in a city near you

#4 Time Demands

What takes a reader typically 5 minutes or so to read takes me approximately 4-6 hrs to create. There is coming up with the title/concept, writing the content, finding appropriate graphics for the post, finding multiple appropriate links, multiple rounds of editing, scheduling the post, and re-reading the post typically right before the launch date to make sure links work, etc.

Contributor: Xrayvsn at xrayvsn

#5 Automatic Traffic

You can write the best content in the world but if you do not have eyes on it, it will not matter.

The key is marketing and getting your content out there. This can be a time consuming process as well, using social media sites such as Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. Each of which has their own rules and regulations you must adhere to.

Contributor: Xrayvsn at xrayvsn

#6 ‘Just A Bored Housewife’

The biggest misconception I’ve found about blogging is that most people think I’m just a bored housewife when I tell them I’m a blogger. They don’t understand that my blog is now my business where I make more than triple what my husband makes.

On the flip side of that though, once they find out that it’s my full-time job, they then think that anyone can start a blog and make six-figures from it. I’ve heard so many people saying that they started their blogs to make tons of money only to find out that it is just that… a job. It’s hard work! But it all goes back to the first misconception – that only bored housewives have blogs.

Contributor: Caroline Vencil from caroline vencil

#8 No Work?

One of the biggest misconceptions about blogging is that it isn't any work. I blog, and I still fall into thinking it's easy for others. Or I underestimate the amount of time it will take me to complete a post.

But it's still pretty cool to be a blogger.

Contributor: Barbara Fischer from the fisch life

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Written by James Metcalfe

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