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Learn Digital Marketing for Real With These 15 Blogs

Digital Marketing made accessible for you.

The digital age opened the way for the digital highway of marketing that is on selling 24/7 non-stop and which knowledge of its secrets have never been more accessible to anyone willing to learn. It has also considerably expanded the terms and technical lexicon of the marketing and advertising industry making it a whole new discipline on it’s own.

Now we have got hundreds upon hundreds of abbreviated terms that is crucial to understand so we can take advantage of the possibilities the digital landscape offers. Now many newcomers are scratching their heads wondering just what the heck is CPA, CPC, CPM, CRO, CTR, CLV, ROI, etc.

A whole universe of terms and their associated trends exists that constantly evolve throughout every year and is difficult for the average persosn to follow. This situation calls for the digital marketer of today to be up to date and informed on what’s hot in the industry and what not.With that in mind we’ve compiled the best blogs a digital marketer could follow today so you never miss another beat of what the market is up to now, check them out.

#1 Andrew Chen

The Andrew Chen Content recommended by Sib Mahapatra.

Long an underground favorite for growth marketers in Silicon Valley, Andrew Chen’s blog is my go-to destination for both foundational content on digital marketing (ex: How To Actually Calculate CAC) and tactical advice to help you scale growth strategy across paid and organic channels (ex: Paid Marketing Addiction). Andrew used to run growth at Uber and is now a partner at Andreesen Horowitz, but you can access some of the best marketing wisdom that Silicon Valley has to offer for free in the 600+ essays featured on this blog.

Check it out

#2 Neil Patel

The Neil Patel Content recommended by Mark Arsenault.

Neil presents information in an easy-to-understand way and he has a conversational style to his presentation of material. Plus he offers a lot of free, but extremely valuable, content. My favorite is his ‘Ubersuggest’ keyword tool.

Check it out

#3 Glow Radio

The Glow Radio Content recommended by Jacquelyn Son.

A podcast for sassy entrepreneurs who are in the process of quitting their much-hated day job to work for themselves full-time. You can expect weekly conversations with unapologetic creatives, business owners and influencers. We discuss tips on how to reach your goals, manage your time and keep your sanity while being a major boss babe. We offer a unique free download to our listeners with 25 ways on How to get your sh*t together like a baller.

Check it out

#4 Optimise + Grow Online

The Optimise + Grow Online Content recommended by Valerie Tate.

Robyn Kyberd of Optimise + Grow Online regularly offers up clear and easy to understand articles that provide specific actions the reader can take to grow their business with digital marketing. It’s clear she knows what she’s talking about and better yet, she explains it in a way that makes sense and feels doable.

Check it out

#5 The Art Of Paid Traffic – Rick Mulready

The The Art of Paid Traffic - Rick Mulready Content recommended by Marta Ceccato.

Rick Mulready is a Facebook advertising expert. in his podcast he shares easy-to-execute ad strategies to launch and run successful Facebook campaigns.

Check it out

#6 Amy Porterfield’S Podcast

The Amy Porterfield's Podcast Content recommended by Marta Ceccato.

Amy’s is an online marketing experts. Amy’s podcasts is packed with unique and valuable online marketing tips. She extremely good at making Complex marketing strategies Easy to Understand for Everyone.

Check it out

#7 Digiday

The Digiday Content recommended by Chachi Flores.

Digiday is an online trade magazine that focuses on digital marketing for big brands. Get insight into digital marketing on a large scale many several and interviews all presented in an aesthetically pleasing format. Digiday keeps you updated with all the major brands and the marketing strategies they’re currently enforcing to give you perspective before making your next marketing decision.

Check it out

#8 Backlinko

The Backlinko Content recommended by Chachi Flores.

All your SEO needs can be found in one spot at Backlinko. Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, gives you all his tips and tricks on optimizing every detail of your business. Backlinko breaks the intimidating SEO process into small easy to understand steps leaving no question unanswered. Preview Brian Deans own case studies and jot down some notes for critical key takeaways. Exploring the user-friendly Backlinko lends an abundance of knowledge along with insightful content to consider before for your decision-making process.

Check it out

#9 Jsl Marketing And Web Design

The JSL Marketing and Web Design Content recommended by Colin Mosier.

JSL Marketing cares deeply about our clients and digital marketing as a whole. It is our goal to not only help our clients but also provide valuable information to our readers each and every week. We research and write each blog based upon our readers’ questions, our clients’ concerns, and cutting edge industry topics.

Check it out

#10 The Mind Your Business Podcast By James Wedmore

The The Mind Your Business Podcast by James Wedmore Content recommended by Brian Davis.

What James understands so deeply is that the hardest work for entrepreneurs is internal, more about mindset shifts and thinking as a successful entrepreneur. While he does sometimes dive into specific marketing or organizational tactics, the focus of the podcast is on thinking differently. It’s mindset that helps entrepreneurs pick themselves back up after failures, approach marketing and other problems more creatively, and make the emotional and financial investments necessary to play big and grow your business faster.

Check it out

#11 Wild Audience

The Wild Audience Content recommended by Rob Dix.

Wild Audience features incredibly detailed case studies, breaking down the marketing funnels used by the best marketers in the business. It explains what they do and, most importantly, why they do it – so it’s perfect for getting ideas for how to improve your own campaigns. The emphasis is on building a long-term relationship rather than going for the quick sale, which is undoubtedly the way to succeed with digital marketing in 2019 and beyond.

Check it out

#12 Content Marketing Institute Blog

The Content Marketing Institute Blog Content recommended by Sarah Snider.

This blog is a part of the Content Marketing Institute, a resource that is designed to help content marketers produce copy that boosts their brand’s SEO. It covers a wide range of topics from tips on writing to maximizing social media engagement to putting together effective on-page SEO tags for greater website visibility. Content is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing and this blog helps one capitalize on that. Another thing I like about this blog is the variety of digital marketing topics it covers. Even if one doesn’t specifically work in content marketing they can get an idea of how it and other digital marketing components like social media and SEO work together to create a strong and successful digital marketing campaign.

Check it out

#13 Drift

The Drift Content recommended by Bill Rice.

These guys, and Dave Gerhardt, in general are killing it. Just watching and analyzing their own marketing execution makes you a better digital marketer.

Check it out

#14 Contently

The Contently Content recommended by Bill Rice.

Content creation, for the purpose of content marketing is notoriously done poorly. These folks get so much write and follow their own lead, so like Drift you get a smart from watching as you do reading their stuff.

Check it out

#15 Kaleidico

The Kaleidico Content recommended by Bill Rice.

Kaleidico’s blog is a great resource for marketing directors and CMOs to learn and understand how to create effective digital strategies, in the context of their larger marketing programs. Too many digital marketing blog are targeted at solopreneurs and Internet marketers, which misses the elements of scale and sophistication enterprises require.

Check it out

The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Sib Mahapatra from Bureau

Mark Arsenault from Success Reentry

Jacquelyn Son from Glow Radio

Valerie Tate from A Clever Cat

Marta Ceccato from Sapiens Media Coaching

Chachi Flores from Peacock Alley

Colin Mosier from JSL Marketing

Brian Davis from SparkRental

Rob Dix from Property Geek

Sarah Snider from SEO

Bill Rice from Kaleidico

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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