The Reality Dysfunction (Nights Dawn Book 1)

The Night’s Dawn Trilogy

Take a moment to imagine your favourite science fiction stories, think about the worlds they exist in. Think about how involved you become in their story, how you become enveloped in that world… Peter F. Hamilton doesn’t only achieve this with a singular character, but all characters.

Peter F. Hamilton
Peter F. Hamilton

Set in a future where earth’s climate is destroyed, and humanity shelters in artificial environments, as well as having colonised amongst the stars. Humanity faces it’s greatest ever threat, one that not only challenges, but tears apart their understanding of reality and their grasp on it. There are conflicting emotions as you cheer the success of heroes, but mourn in the loss of villains. The vehicles and technologies are expertly imagined and crafted, leaving you without a doubt that this is in fact our future, and that the author has simply been documenting this universe through a crystal ball.

I picked up the first of the trilogy, entitled “The Reality Dsyfunction” from my local library, having never heard of Peter F. Hamilton. But I have now read most of his work, and thoroughly recommend any science fiction enthusiast does the same. I fear attempting to explain the story too much would give away spoilers, so all I can divulge is that every page will draw you through a roller coaster of emotion, building to a crescendo that will leave you to awaken from the third book wondering where the time went.

Without wanting to draw what could be unjust comparisons, but “The Night’s Dawn Trilogy” is to sci-fi, what “The Game of Thrones” is to fantasy. And yet the thought of Hollywood ever attempting a TV adaptation is one of trepidation, for it could not be done justice.

Definitely not a story you’ll be reading to your children at night, this is unarguably an adult series. But is 100% the better for it.

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Written by Toby Macdonnell

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