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Best Tech to Make Driving Safer

Cars are becoming safer by the day, thanks to technology. If you plan on buying a new car, it will likely have all the technology you require to stay safe on the road.

But if your car is relatively older, it could be missing some of the latest technologies, but that does not mean you can’t add some to improve your safety while on the road.

This post highlights modern technologies in car safety that you may want to consider when buying a new one and some that you could add to your existing vehicle.

But, Remember, No Technology Is Accident-Proof

While technology can help improve safety by a considerable margin, it cannot bring the possibility of getting into an accident to zero.

The good news is that what you do after an accident can make a big difference in the accident’s outcomes, especially if it results from another party’s fault.

Seeking medical attention, reporting the accident, and gathering evidence are among the most important things to do immediately after an accident. Additionally, you might want to get experienced professionals to help you get your life back on track, such as doctors, psychiatrists, and car accident attorneys.

Technologies That Can Help You Stay Safe

Heads-Up Display

While elements outside the vehicle, such as scenery and getting lost in thought, can get you distracted, the most common distractions are the dashboard components such as GPS devices, checking the speedometers, and using phones.

A heads-up display can help reduce distraction by putting important displays on your windshield.

This technology utilizes a projector placed on the vehicle’s dashboard, which projects essential displays on your windshield, so you do not have to look down to check. Some new car models come with this feature, but you could also install it in an old vehicle.

Driver Monitoring Gadgets

If you are constantly on long drives, you always stand the chance of succumbing to fatigue which could result in drowsiness.

According to experts, drowsiness can be as bad as or even worse than DUI. Luckily technology can help solve the problem of drowsy driving using driver monitoring gadgets.

These gadgets track a driver’s behavior, such as blinking too much, yawning, and closing the eyes longer than the average blink. When the gadgets detect these signs or any other that could indicate drowsy driving, they trigger an alarm system to alert the driver.

In some newer models, this feature can automatically slow down or completely immobilize that car if it detects drowsiness. These gadgets also come as a stand-alone that you could buy to install in your vehicle.

Collision Detection Gadgets

Most car accidents result from collisions between vehicles, objects, or pedestrians. Thanks to technology, there is hope that accidents resulting from collisions will go down significantly in the future.

Collision detection and prevention devices come in many forms and help prevent different collisions. Common collision prevention technologies include forward collision detectors, blind-spot monitors, rearview cameras, etc.

Forward collision prevention features help prevent hitting the car or any object in front, including passengers.

Sometimes they work together with automatic brakes to help prevent an accident. Blind spot detectors alert the driver when they indicate they want to turn and a vehicle is in their blind spot.

Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring Device

Tire pressure plays a huge role in maintaining car stability while on the road. Therefore, it is always important to check your car’s tire pressure from time to time.

Traditionally keeping track of your vehicle’s tires would require you to carry a pressure gauge and manually check the pressure on all wheels.

Today you do not have to do that. All you need is to plug automatic car pressure monitoring caps on each wheel and have the pressure displayed on an app on an android device in real-time. You may want to carry a portable tire inflator to ensure you balance the pressure should you detect any changes.

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Written by Leigh Ann Newman

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