The Mark of the Assassin

The Mark Of The Assassin By Daniel Silva – Exciting To The End.

This book may have been written 20 years ago but it still has the power to pull you in and empathise with the characters. It made me rather race through it to find out what the next page had in store.

Daniel Silva

The style is easy to read, the descriptions are not overdone and the characters are, if not entirely believable, at least not too hard to accept. This is a story, and like all good stories, the tale is well told with fast-paced action. The beginning draws you in and gives you a taste of what is in store. And there is plenty of meat in the middle. As you progress through the book the tension rises, and the characters are complex enough to be interesting. I found I cared about was to happen, and felt a frisson of anxiety towards the end. (Even though I knew it was fiction!)

And the ending was satisfactory, when you finally put the book down you feel that everything has pulled together to produce if not a final ending at least as a natural pause. I was sorry to finish the book. If you want a quick, exciting read, then this book will provide a solution.

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Written by Liz H

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