So High a Blood- The Life of Margaret, Countess of Lennox

So High A Blood By Morgan Ring – A Masterly Biography

This absorbing account of the life and ambitions of a somewhat bypassed Tudor Princess is well written and well researched.

As a niece of King Henry Vlll, the life of Margaret Douglas was, at times, precarious. She had ambitions for her family and powered through tough times, making some grave mistakes, putting her life, and the lives of those she was attached to, in peril. Contemporary accounts of her character are often harsh, yet she survived and managed a successful marriage.

Morgan Ring - Author
Morgan Ring – Author

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The layout with chapter notes at the end and the long bibliography attest to the research which has gone into writing her story. I thought this was handled well. We were not distracted by lengthy discourses as we read the body of the text. I did like her choice of illustrations, and the weight given to their authenticity.

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We were given fresh glimpses of other Tudor personalities and invited into the court and country of Tudor England. Those were dangerous times, especially for those people related to King Henry Vlll. The important role played by some women in that age gave some intriguing insights into the struggle for power.

Throughout her life, Margaret’s ambitions for her family were ever present.  Although she never lived to see it, her descendants did succeed to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland. Her character was complex, her life full of vigor.

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