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NYPD RED3 by James Patterson – Best Selling Writer

It’s easy to see why James Patterson is a best-selling thriller writer. A taut plot, fast pace and unbelievable settings.

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I did not like the main characters, so I had no real feeling as to whether I cared how the outcome would evolve. But if you like the feisty female cop and the slightly more sensible cop partner, then this book will satisfy you. And they do develope some personality as the book progresses. One of the good things is that there is no gratuitous violence- it’s not all toughing it out, but a little more delicate in the handling of the plot.

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And, of course, there are twists and turns and slightly unexpected endings – leading you on to reading the next in the series. James Patterson is always very readable, and if you want an easy read, then NYPD RED3 may fit the bill.

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